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Welcome to The Road Trip Expert!

The Road Trip Expert is a travel blog focusing on road trips and car camping. We’re aiming to be the world’s best online resource for people who want to enjoy travel via the open road. We provide exciting road trip itineraries, planning tips, destination advice, and buying guides to help our readers have awesome experiences.

This travel blog isn’t just limited to content about road trips. There’s also a range of travel content such as packing lists, car camping guides, backpacking tips, and trip planning resources. We even have a bunch of articles with awesome Instagram captions so you can always find the perfect text for your incredible travel photos.

The Mission:

To help people plan and enjoy exciting road trips or car camping adventures anywhere in the world for the lowest cost.

The Road Trip Expert Mission Statement

We want to achieve this by creating useful original content that draws from both our real-life experiences and extensive research. We hope you enjoy this travel blog. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any queries, comments, feedback, or suggestions on how we can improve.

The Founder of The Road Trip Expert

A portrait image of Iain Salter who is the founder of The Road Trip Expert.

Iain Salter

Editor & Founder of The Road Trip Expert

I’m Iain, from the UK. I created this website in 2019 while on an extensive road trip with two close friends around Europe. Our aim was to take our 2009 Kia Sportage SUV and climb to the highest points in all current European countries as fast as possible.

Our Authors

Check out the bio pages of the awesome authors who have contributed to making The Road Trip Expert the resource it is today.

We’ve tried to share as much of our experience as possible in the articles on this site. The aim is to create the ultimate resource for road trips. We believe that good research and attention to detail combined with real-world experience leads to blog posts that are useful to our readers.

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Have you ever thought to yourself…

“What’s the best way to start planning a road trip?”

“What are the best things to do while on the road?”

“Where should I go on my road trip?”

“How can I save money on my road trip?”

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, The Road Trip Expert is the place for you!

We’ve outlined detailed road trip itineraries all over the globe and country-specific advice to make your road trip an unforgettable one. The Road Trip Expert is a one-stop resource for everything road trip-related.

Since its inception, the blog has expanded into lots of other topics. Scroll down to see what’s available on this website.

Looking to get inspired? Check out these awesome Road Trip Quotes!

How This Blog Can Help You

Road trips require A LOT of planning…

Freedom, flexibility, and the ability to visit places off the beaten path are some of the main selling points of hitting the open road.

However, the added complexity of having a vehicle can lead to a lot of life-admin – trust us, we know.

We’ve categorized the articles on this site so that you can browse the content and take the specific information you need.

You can follow our ultimate guides on Planning a Road Trip, entertainmentand gear, or simply get inspired by one of our itineraries and follow a pre-planned route.

This website aims to save you time, money, and stress. We want to provide unique information and inspiration to make your trip awesome.

We hope we can deliver that for you.

On The Road Trip Expert:

In-Depth Road Trip Itineraries

Explore our in-depth, step-by-step road trip itineraries.

Travel Tips

Want a seamless road trip experience? Use our road trip tips to save you time, money, and stress.

Planning Guides

Browse our planning guides to be prepared for any adventure!

Destination Advice

Need inspiration for a new place to visit? We have plenty of articles about places we’ve visited and we think are great.

Road Trip Entertainment

Bored in the car? Not anymore. We have road trip games and entertainment for EVERYONE.

Road Trip Advice

Taking a road trip abroad? Read through our advice for driving abroad, country by country.

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