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40 of the Best Podcasts for Road Trips and Long Drives (Addictive Fun)

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In the car, you can suddenly be faced with a wall of time to occupy and no easy solutions. How are you going to keep the boredom at bay when you’ve got to keep your eyes on the road? Enter our list of the 40 best podcasts for road trips!

In today’s high-tech world, we’re spoiled for entertainment right there in the palm of our hands. Sometimes you’re looking for an alternative to your best road trip playlists. This is the absolute list of the most entertaining podcasts to listen to in the car while driving. From the most thought-provoking to the best podcasts for long drives, this post has it all.

We’ve put together a variety of binge-worthy and addictive podcasts for long car rides. All of the go-to genres are covered, including true crime, comedy, history, and self-help. We’ve also found some weird and wonderful titles to shake things up in the car. If you have a family road trip on the calendar, we’ve found some entertaining things to listen to in the car as well. So buckle up and settle in with these best podcasts for driving.

By the way, we also have a post on the best audiobooks for road trips that you may find useful!

Best Comedy Podcasts

best comedy podcasts

It’s going to be a long day, and one way to pass the time is with these laugh-out-loud podcasts. We’ve found the best comedy podcasts to listen to on a long drive, so settle in and press play with these great titles. If you’re stuck, check out these other things to do on a road trip.

1. Culture Kings

Culture Kings Podcast Logo

Comedians Jacquis Neal and Edgar Momplaisir are the Culture Kings in this comedic analysis of pop culture. Though this podcast is no longer recording, they have over 400 episodes, and plenty of material for the next road trip.

2. If I Were You


Need some advice? Then email Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, two unqualified guys who give great unqualified advice! Every week one lucky submitter will get to hear our wise and witty hosts say…”Well, If I Were You…”

3. How Did This Get Made


This one is for all the movie lovers in the car. Each episode hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Jason Mantzoukas, and a surprise guest host dive into the films we love to hate and ask the serious question, How Did This Get Made?

4. Better Known


You never know what you don’t know! A lighter comedy, each week host Ivan Wise asks his guest to suggest 6 topics they feel need to be Better Known. Topics can be anything from actual news to the underappreciated baked potato, so put your learning cap on and be ready for some hilarious education.

5. Do the Right Thing

Do The Right Thing Podcast Logo

Feel like you give the best advice? Like you’re comedy a little rude and edgy? You’ll love listening to hilarious host Danielle Ward referee while team captains Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Michael Legge fight it out to say who knows best how to Do the Right Thing.

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Best Interview Podcasts

Best Interview Podcasts

Driving on your own and needing a little company? Interview podcasts make for great company and entertainment while in the car on your own on a long road trip. Use these titles to learn about new people and exciting experiences while driving.

6. Changes

DJ Annie Macmanus interviews a mix of guests and asks them about the most intense changes they’ve experienced in their lives. Changes is an inspirational podcast with stories that will change the way you see the people around you.

7. Grounded with Louis Theroux

Love the comedic timing and curiosity of Louis Theroux? Then Grounded is the interview podcast for your next road trip. Louis used the 2020 lockdowns to get in touch with people of various genres of fame and intrigue and ask them the big questions we all wish we could.

8. Knuckleheads

NBA veterans Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles talk sports and culture and don’t hold back. Special guests are brought in each week from all facets of the Athletics and Entertainment industries for frank and nostalgic conversations about all things sports and culture with these two Knuckleheads

9. WTF with Marc Maron

Comedian Marc Maron invites comedians, actors, writers, and people from all walks of life to just sit down and shoot the sh*t. Tackling all subjects under the sun, Maron really does want to know, WTF?

10. Armchair Expert

Armchair Expert Podcast Logo

Actors and co-hosts Dax Shepard and Monica Padman sit down each week with a new special guest. From celebrities to academics, the Armchair Expert explores “the messiness of being human”.

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Best True Crime Podcasts

Best True Crime Podcasts

Probably the most addictive podcast genre, true crime will keep you engaged during the long car ride ahead. You won’t be able to resist just one more episode with these outrageous, but true, podcasts. Make sure the doors are locked and snacks are handy while listening to these true crime podcasts in the car.

11. To Live and Die in LA

This addictive podcast, hosted by award-winning author Neil Strauss, looks at a different gritty crime each week in the city of Angels and Demons. To Live and Die in LA will feed your voyeuristic appetite for crime and mystery.

12. Serial

An investigative journalism podcast, Serial‘s host Sarah Koenig narrates the story of a different crime over several episodes. Find yourself sucked into these true events and desperately clicking to the next episode.

13. Park Predators

“Sometimes the most beautiful places hide the darkest secrets.” Delia D’Ambra is an investigative journalist and outdoors enthusiast. She combines her two passions in Park Predators, a podcast that explores what goes on in the wilderness when no one is looking.

14. Casefile: True Crime Podcast

Can there be a better crime podcast than one that appears anonymously 3 Sundays out of the month? Casefile is a binge-worthy podcast that can be enjoyed one file at a time…or for hours at a time.

15. All Killa no Filla

All Killa No Filla Podcast Logo

Comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-Mclean dive into the world and minds of serial killers. An addictive podcast, All Killa no Filla is the perfect guilty pleasure listen for those who like a humorous discussion of the darker side of life.

Best Historical Podcasts

Best Historical Podcasts

Got a history buff in the car? Then these Historical podcasts are just the thing to listen to while driving. Whether it is a long road trip, or just a few hours driving, use these titles to brush up on your facts and get informed while in the car.

16. You’re Dead to Me

Historian Greg Jenner informs and entertains each week in his podcast You’re Dead to Me by discussing historical events with guest star comedians. Ideal for both the history buff and the person who needs a little life and laughter with their history.

17. Footnoting History

Produced by a team of historians with graduate degrees in the field, Footnoting History brings to light the exciting stories that have been relegated to the footnotes of history. Have your mind blown week after week and everyone in the car asking “How did we not know this?”

18. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

No Best Historical Podcast list would be complete without Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. One of the early stars of the podcast genre, Carlin narrates major historical events with charisma and authority.

19. Revolutions

For the true historian, the Revolutions podcast looks at the revolutions and figures that defined history. Host Mike Duncan also gives a comprehensive look at the rise and fall of the Roman Empire that can’t be missed.

20. History on Fire

Daniele Bolelli, author and university professor, talks about some of the most dramatic moments in our history. History on Fire is for the historian in the car as well as the regular passenger who wants to know more about the truly chaotic moments in human history.

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Best Unusual Podcasts

Best Unusual Podcasts

The best thing about podcasts is that they are completely unfiltered entertainment, anyone can pick up a microphone, plug into the internet, and go! Here are the best unusual podcasts to listen to in the car on your next road trip.

21. The Jungle Prince

For decades it was rumored that the last members of the Shiite Muslim royal family lived in a crumbling palace in the jungle of Old Deli. The story was as incredible as it was tragic, but Ellen Barry looks at this 3 part podcast, The Jungle Prince.

22. Medical Medium

Anthony William, the Medical Medium, talks about the world of science, alternative medicine, and chronic illness. Great for curious minds looking for a fresh point of view.

23. How I Built This

Explore the stories behind some of the biggest innovations, movements, and businesses of our time with host Guy Raz. How I Built This has an episode for everything from Bumble and Buzzfeed to South West Airlines and Spanx, so break out the snacks and settle in.

24. Love and Radio

A truly outrageous podcast, Love and Radio takes on a nebulous interview process where the host isn’t too intrusive and it isn’t always immediately clear why the special guest is there. Covering a range of topics from uplifting to the truly seedy, brace yourself to be surprised and delighted.

25. Bizarre States

Bizarre states podcast cover image

If the paranormal, unexplained, or just plain freaky is your thing, then Bizarre States is the podcast for you. Get everyone in the car a little jumpy as hosts Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser explore the weird and wonderful.

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Best Fiction Podcasts

Best Fiction Podcasts

Immerse yourself in the world of entertainment before television, when people use to crowd around the radio for the latest episode of their favorite radio programs. Fiction podcasts take things back to a simpler time when all you have to do is sit back and let your imagination run wild. We’ve found some incredible and addictive fiction podcasts to listen to in the car on your next road trip.

26. Mabel

Written by Becca De La Rosa and Mabel Martin, Mabel is an ethereal fiction podcast about all the things that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up or the abrupt silence when you enter a room. Uncover the mystery that is Mabel.

27. The Bright Sessions

People go to therapy for all kinds of reasons, but Dr. Bright seems to have a knack for finding special patients… patients with surprising supernatural abilities. The Bright Sessions tells the story of a group of therapy patients as they struggle with personal adversities, discover what they are truly capable of, and just exactly what motivates the mysterious Dr. Bright.

28. Radio Drama Revival

Radio Drama Revival has been running since 2007 and is an absolute goldmine for fiction podcast entertainment on the road. Relive the glory days of radio entertainment with these contemporary audio fiction series.

29. Hello from the Magic Tavern

The bad news? Arnie has fallen through a portal at his local burger king. The good news? He still has wifi. Hello from the Magic Tavern is Arnie’s weekly podcast where he interviews the magical denizens of Foon for our boring human world entertainment,

30. Forest 404

Forest 404 Tells the story of Pan, a girl in the 24th century who has the boring job of organizing old sound files that survived a catastrophic data crash. She discovers haunting files of a lush world of forests and wildlife, a world she’s never seen before.

Best Family Podcasts

Best Family Podcasts

Podcasts are great because they have complete creative freedom, this also makes them tricky to gauge for a road trip with the kids. Use this list of family-approved podcasts to find something for the whole car to listen to on the next family road trip.

31. Six Minutes

Six Minutes tells the story of Holiday, an 11-year-old girl who wakes up after being rescued from icy Alaskan waters with no memories of her previous life. Who was she? Who is she? Can she trust the answers the adults in her life are giving her? An exciting story told in bite-size chunks to keep the whole family interested.

32. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

Do you have a But Why kid? The kid who always needs to ask “Why?” one more time? Then this is the podcast for your next family road trip. The show is 100% led by kids and the questions they submit. Each week the hosts will take a submitted question and explore its answers with a special guest kid, no matter how silly the topic! Fun and educational for the whole family.

33. Girl Tales

Whether you’re a family of all girls or a mixed bunch, Girl Tales is the perfect family road trip podcast. Fresh fairy tales and folklore for a generation of strong, independent kids who are ready to be the hero, not the damsel in distress.

34. The Past and The Curious

The Past and The Curious is a history podcast that both the kids and the adults in the car will enjoy listening to. Mick Sullivan, all-around creative, is the creator of the series and makes each episode by picking up historical events and creating an engaging and informative narrative.

35. The Story Seeds Podcast

Aimed at children ages 6-12, The Story Seeds Podcast generates great stories by connecting young potential writers (your kids!) with best-selling children’s authors. This podcast contains stories generated from these collaborations as well as episodes containing advice on how young writers can get started developing their own stories.

Now that the kids are entertained, you and your partner can relax and get the conversation going with these Road Trip Questions for Couples.

Best Mental Health Podcasts

Best Mental Health Podcasts

A long road trip on your own, or with a loved one, can be a great opportunity to do some soul-searching and personal development. We’ve put together a mix of Mental Health themed podcasts to listen to on the drive so you can get the most out of your car journey.

After a little healthy introspection with our recommended Mental Health Podcasts, use our 250 Best Road Trip Songs to get yourself energized and your mind back on the road ahead.

36. Greifcast

Grief and loss are difficult topics to discuss, but Cariad Lloyd tackles these topics with a touch of humor to make a tough pill easier to swallow. Each week, Greifcast brings in a special guest to talk about all the strange, painful, and sometimes funny experiences we have with loss.

37. Not a Victim

We are living in a world that has increased awareness about mental health and trauma. Not a Victim explores the feelings and experiences of life after trauma with an eye on reframing how we see ourselves in our darkest moments.

38. The Positive Psychology Podcast

Need a little pick me up on a long road trip? Then Kristen Truempy’s Positive Psychology Podcast is here to bring a little happiness to your drive. Explore the science behind positivity and happiness as well as topics like positive parenting or post-traumatic growth.

39. Meditation Minis

Let’s face it, even on a fun road trip frustrating and infuriating things can happen. Thankfully, Chel Hamilton has created Meditation Minis, a meditation podcast with a series of short guided meditations to guide you through the tough times.

40. The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Welcome to The Mental Illness Happy Hour, the podcast that covers all topics under the mental challenges umbrella. Each week, Comedian and host Paul Gilmartin and a special guest dive into all things Mental Illness in the hopes of bringing connection and positivity to his listeners.

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