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8 Free Printable Road Trip Games for Kids (Free Essential Downloads!)

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When you’re planning a family road trip, packing plenty of crafts or games is essential for in-car entertainment! Luckily, we have you covered with these 8 free printable road trip games for kids.

I love creating children’s games and crafts and hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. There are scavenger hunts for spotting things out of the car window, a road trip word search, 35 conversation starters, and a license plate chase.

With these print-out travel games packed, you will easily combat boredom and have fun! To reward winners and players, be sure to pack lots of prizes (such as favorite treats and toys).

First, download these printable car games using the links provided. Then print the resources and take them with you on your travels! Remember to pack plenty of pens and things to lean on (books are handy!). Use our family road trip packing list to double-check your luggage!

Read on to find the 8 road trip printable games!

printable road trip games for kids

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Free Printable Road Trip Games For Kids

Below, you’ll find 8 Different Printable Road Trip Activities for children and families. Free, individually made, ready for you to download, print, and take on your car journey! Just pack plenty of pens, prizes and make sure each person has something to lean on.

The longer the drive, the more entertainment you need. So why not print off the activities and place them in a binder (or presentation folder). In the images below you will see examples of the activities (you can download the file easily!).

Download Your Free Road Trip Activities For Kids

Free Printable Road Trip Games Featured Image

Enjoy these free printable road trip activities!

To re-use the activities, keep them in plastic wallets and play them on the plastic with whiteboard markers. Then you can wipe them clean to use again!

Let’s jump into an explanation of all the games and how to play them. Don’t forget to check out our awesome Road Trip Bingo game too!

Road Trip Word Search

Printable Road Trip Game Word Search
Road Trip Word Search Game

Road Trip Word Search is exactly as it says in the title. A table full of letters, with words hidden inside those letters! All of the words are related to road-tripping; the kids will love it. Print off a copy of each and see who can find the words the fastest!

35 Road Trip Conversation Starters for Kids

Road Trip Game Printable Conversation Starters
Printable Road Trip Conversation Starters

Road Trip Conversation starters is a really useful activity for kids, and the whole family can get involved! A road trip is an excellent way to get to know one another, chat away, and strengthen your bonds. Using these 35 conversation starters gives you random things to talk for hours about.

Simply pick one at a time from the list and discuss! You could even cut them up and make a lucky dip in a Tupperware box, to make it more exciting.

Road Sign Bingo Activity For Kids

road sign bingo printable car game
Printable Road Sign Bingo For Kids

Road Sign Bingo gets the children looking out of the window at the road signs. When they spot a sign, they mark it off their bingo card. Cross through a line and win the first round, and fill the whole card to win overall!

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Car-Make Hunt Game

Printable Car-Make Hunt Game For Kids

When on a road trip, you are going to see so many different types of car makes. Look out of the window, hunt for all the cars on your sheet, and cross them off. Get a competition going between passengers and extra prizes for the person who can name the brands.

Random Road Trip I-Spy

I Spy printable road trip game
Road Trip I-Spy For Kids

Look out of the car window and you will see lots on your car journey! This game of Random Road Trip I-Spy involves animals, car brands, fast food chains, and other items. Simply spy them on your travels and cross them off you as you go along!

You could also consider this popular I-Spy game from Amazon!

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Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe Printable Road Trip Game
Tic Tac Toe For Road Trips

Tic Tac Toe (or naughts and crosses as some call it!) is a really addictive game for kids and adults alike. It requires two players and a pen. Each person has their own mark (‘X’ or ‘O’) and takes it in turns to mark the table with the aim of getting 3 in a row.

Fast Food Chain Hunt

A scavenger hunt purely for fast food chains, this activity is particularly good for inner-city road trips. Or if you are on a really long trip, spanning many miles and passing many rest stops, you will find them there too!

Simply spot the food chain logos and mark them off as you’re on the road trip!

License Plate Chase

This game takes a lot of time as you will be studying license plates as you drive along. License Plate Chase is perfect for long car journeys as there are 50 different states and plates to spot. Cross them off your list as you spot them!

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Enjoy, and feedback is welcome!! Don’t forget to check out our Road Trip Scavenger Hunt while you’re here!

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