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100 Fantastic Hot Tub Captions for Instagram

Enjoy these 100 awesome hot tub captions for Instagram. Browse our carefully curated list of the best hot tub puns on the internet. Find the perfect jacuzzi captions to accompany your pics and describe the moment.

Whether you’re partying with friends or enjoying an evening with your partner, this article has all of the captions you need to help capture the moment.

Let’s jump right into these hot tub quotes for Instagram!

Hot Tub Captions for Instagram

hot tub captions for instagram

It’s a hot tub happening.

Strip and take a dip.

Always be nice to people who have a hot tub.

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.

Can sitting in the hot tub be my day job already?

If there isn’t a hot tub, I’m not going.

What I love most about my home is my hot tub.

hot tub captions

We don’t skinny dip, we chunky dunk.

Sorry, no lifeguard on duty.

Life is simple, just add water.

The hot tub is calling and I must answer.

Time wasted by the hot tub is time well spent.

Don’t worry — I’ve been splashing since the ’90s.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a hot tub. And that’s basically the same thing.

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hot tub quotes

Hot and fun. 

All I need is love and a hot bath.

Hot tub, full of love.

Splashing good time.

Hot tub lover.

Those splash spots were there before I got here.

Hot tub fun in the summertime.

A hot tub bath fixes almost everything.

hot tub instagram captions

Making bubbles.


Living a bikini kinda life.

The hot tub is the only place where I get internal happiness.

When I dip, you dip, we dip.

You wink, I laugh ’cause we know, A little hug leads to a foot rub, Then a hot tub. – Phil Vassar

Memories made at the hot tub last a lifetime.

The hot tub has my heart.

hot tub pun

Life is water-ful.

The hot tub is my happy place.

Water you doing this summer?

​​Joy is a long, hot bubble bath.

When you have the whole hot tub to yourself.

Once you are in the hot tub, you forget everything.

Take your relaxation to the next level.

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hot tub quotes for instagram

Home is where the hot tub is.

Let your troubles wash away.

Dress Code: Bikinis

Drinking bubbles in the hot tub.

Two bros, chilling in the hot tub. five feet apart ‘cause they’re not gay.

Wash away your troubles, have a soak with bubbles.

Keep calm and float on.


hot tub instagram pics

Bubbles provided, do not contribute yours.

When all else fails, take a hot tub bath.

How many Californians does it take to screw in a light bulb. – None. Californians screw in hot tubs.

I’m a sucker for hot tubs and pools.

So this is the mermaid life.

Jacuzzi hair, don’t care.

Do not disturb, I’m in the hot tub.

Happiness comes in the water.

hot tub caption for instagram

Stress-free zone

Water vibes.

Welcome to the hot tub kinda life. 

My favorite spot to spend your summer.

Hot tub party.

Official hot tub tester.

I dream of summers that last forever.

It’s a waterful life.

jacuzzi quotes

“Oh, that sound? I’m in the hot tub, reading a novel.” – Jane Smiley

I like to go with the flow.

Life is better in the jacuzzi.

Stress-free zone.

Not the beach but it is fabulous.

“Imagine a hot tub for the mind. That is what meditation is; it can bathe your mind in relaxing thoughts.” – Eknath Easwaran

Don’t worry, be happy.

Enjoying my summer one splash at a time.

jacuzzi captions

What happens in the hot tub stays in the hot tub.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere.

Should I get in the hot tub? (Yeah!) Will it make me wet? (Yeah!) –  Eddie Murphy

Relaxed when wet.

Skinny dipping.

What did the Italian say to the Frenchman that farted in the hot tub? – J’acuzzi!

Anyone looking for someone to test out their hot tub? I’m available.

Going with the flow.

If you didn’t splash, did a hot tub day even happen?

I could take bath all day long if there were more hours to spare.

Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression.

This is me before my epic cannon-ball.

Relaxed state of mind.

The hot tub is open!

Swim your worries away.

Smile, there’s a hot tub.

What does a Rastafarian use to keep his beer cool in the hot tub? A jah-koozie

Yes, I still take my baths all day long. They’re meditative. I have three a day.

This is my happy place.

You’re on jacuzzi time.

“An evangelical minister has had to resign after pictures surfaced showing him in a hot tub with two women. He claimed it was just a baptism gone terribly wrong.” – Jay Leno

“We all float down here.” — It

A splashing good time.

Swimsuits optional after dark.

Just trying to beat the heat.

Who said I can’t spend the whole day in the hot tub?

Relax, unwind, soak.

Life is better in a hot tub.

Every summer has a story.

You’re only one dip away from a good mood!

Soak your troubles away.