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How To Leave A Laptop In A Cold Car (Keep It Safe)

Do not leave a laptop in a cold car for more than an hour if the temperature is below 10 degrees celsius. Leaving a computer in freezing conditions can actually cause permanent damage to the battery and LCD screen. Reduce the risk by storing the computer in an insulated box in the trunk. Wrap the laptop in clothes or other items to keep it warm.

To keep your laptop safe in a cold car you should store it in an insulated container in the trunk in order to reduce the risk of damage caused by sharp drops in temperature. Keep the computer out of sight and avoid leaving it for an extended period of time. Electronic devices will sustain damage at different temperatures so avoid leaving them for long.

These tips will tell you everything you need to know before leaving a computer in a cold car overnight.

Store it in the trunk

The cold isn’t the only thing that risks the safety of your computer. If you leave your laptop in a cold car overnight where it is visible from the outside, you may invite unwanted attention. Storing the laptop in the trunk means it’s not visible to thieves.

In addition, the trunk is the most insulated part of the vehicle and should experience less extreme temperatures than the passenger cabin.

Use an insulated bag

Putting the laptop inside an insulated container will protect it from the extreme temperature drops occurring in the external atmosphere. If you do not have a container, consider using clothes or other items to keep it protected from the cold.

This Insulated Laptop Bag is perfect if you frequently need to leave your computer in a cold car!

Cheak the manufacturers advice

Different devices are designed to operate at different temperatures. You should Google for information about your specific device before making a decision about leaving it in your car.

Avoid condensation

One of the key ways damage can be caused to a computer is to move it too quickly from a very cold environment to a warmer one. This can cause condensation to occur which leads to moisture within the device. When you retrieve your laptop do not immediately take it into a very warm place.

Warm the device up slowly

If you do store your computer in a cold car overnight then let it warm up to room temperature slowly. As discussed above, condensation may become present and you do not want to turn on an electronic device if there is any sign of moisture.

Avoid leaving it if possible

If at all possible, take your computer with you. Leaving it in a freezing cold vehicle should be a final option when no others are available. This is not only due to the potential for damage from the cold but also to protect your property from thieves.

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