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100 Funny Ice Cream Captions for Instagram

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This list of 100 funny ice cream captions for Instagram will give you everything you need to craft the perfect post. Add some inspiring text from this collection of the best ice cream quotes for Instagram pictures.

Pick from this list of ice cream phrases, puns, and quotes. There’s nothing better on a summer’s day than a cold delightful scoop of gelato.

Ice Cream Captions for Instagram

ice cream captions for Instagram
  • I dream of ice cream!
  • An ice cream a day keeps the stress away.
  • Don’t bother counting other people’s sprinkles. Focus on your own happiness before it melts away.
  • The cherry on top makes everything better.
  • All you need is ice cream.
  • A balanced diet is an ice cream in each hand.
  • But first, ice cream.
  • Brain freeze!
  • Here’s the scoop!
  • An extra topping never hurts!
  • Life’s too short, eat dessert first.
  • Count the happy moments, not the calories.
  • Here’s the scoop: I love ice cream!
  • If in doubt, eat ice cream.
ice cream captions
  • Never ask a girl eating ice cream straight from the tub how she’s doing.
  • You make me melt.
  • Breakup: an excuse to eat ice cream no matter what the weather.
  • My head says “Go to the gym.” My heart says “Eat some ice cream.”
  • Relationship Status: Ice Cream!
ice cream quotes
  • A little lick of frozen cream every now and then goes a long, long way.
  • It’s Ice cream time.
  • Eat gelato like there’s no tomorrow!
  • Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy Ice cream and that’s basically the same thing!

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funny ice cream captions
  • Ice cream because you are driving me crazy
  • Life without ice cream would be darkness and chaos.
  • Why pay for therapy when you can just have gelato for a tiny fraction of the cost?
  • Ice cream always sounds like a good idea.
  • A strong believer in ice cream for breakfast.

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ice cream Instagram captions
  • Is this what heaven tastes like?
  • Life is better with ice cream.
  • Size doesn’t matter. It’s all about the flavor.
  • Cold treats are my kind of comfort food.
  • I’m skipping dinner and getting straight to the point.

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ice cream captions Instagram
  • I want abs, but I want ice cream even more.
  • Follow me to the ice cream.
  • Emotionally attached to ice cream.
  • I scream for ice cream.
funny ice cream quotes
  • Cone-gratulations.
  • If I could marry ice cream, I would.
  • Ice cream is totally an acceptable meal at this point.
  • Hey ice cream, wanna spoon?
  • Life is better with ice cream.
  • We are mint for each other.
  • Enjoy the chilly, little things.

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  • If we are what we eat, well, I am awfully sweet.
  • Always in the mood for sprinkles and sugar cones.
  • Ice cream time.
  • Smile, there’s Ice cream!
  • Did someone say ice cream?
  • “Some people are worth melting for” – Disney, “Frozen
  • This must be what heaven tastes like.
  • Sadness is no ice cream in the freezer.
  • Treat yourself!
funny ice cream caption
  • Ice, ice baby! 
  • I’m such a softie for ice cream.
  • Never say no to ice cream.
  • Peace, love, joy, and ice cream.
  • Ice cream is calling me, and I must go.
  • Imagine a world where ice cream is illegal. I would never dream of being part of such a barbaric world.
  • I’m not sharing
  • My relationship with ice cream is unhealthy because it’s so cold.
  • I need some ice cream therapy.
  • Sweet, cold, and creamy with a chance of sprinkles.
  • Frozen!
captions about ice cream
  • Life is like an ice cream…. enjoy it before it melts.
  • It’s never too cold for ice cream.
  • There is always room for ice cream.
  • I make ice cream disappear. What’s your superpower?
  • Ice cream solves everything.
  • Every spoonful brings me closer to heaven.
  • I got out of the ice cream business. I just didn’t like working on sundaes.
  • The only running I do is to chase the ice cream truck.
  • I’m just asking for salad to be ice cream.
  • You can’t make everyone else happy, You’d have to be an ice-cream seller.
  • My stomach has a separate ice cream compartment.
  • Anything is popsicle.
  • Once you start licking it, there’s no quitting!
  • Life is short. Eat more ice cream!
  • This frozen treat is worth all the weight gain!
  • Sundae Funday.
  • I’m eating the entire pint now so that it won’t be able to tempt me later.
  • Stay cool. Eat ice cream.
  • Ice cream is duct tape for the heart.
  • I melt for you.
  • Here for the Ice cream!
  • Gelato is sweet, and so am I!
  • Eat ice cream for daily happiness.
  • Every spoonful brings me closer to heaven.
  • I love all types of ice cream. I don’t play flavorites.
  • I’ll stop the world and melt with you.
  • It’s always ice cream o’clock somewhere.
  • Ice cream cravings are not to be taken lightly.
  • Keep Calm and eat ice cream.
  • Life’s too short to not get the double scoop.
  • Ice cream is happiness condensed.
  • Chilling Out.
  • Ice cream season goes from age one until death.
  • A balanced diet is an ice cream in each hand.
  • You Are The Ben To My Jerry’s.
  • I like ice cream cherry much.
  • No one eats ice cream with a sad face.
  • If you were ice cream, you would be my favorite flavor.

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