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100 Brilliant Lake Captions for Instagram

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We hope you find what you are looking for in this post full of lake captions for Instagram. Find the perfect text to accompany your photo with our carefully curated list! These lake quotes for Instagram have been selected as the best of the best.

Feel free to choose one of these lake day captions to use in your next post.

Lake Captions for Instagram

lake captions for Instagram
  • Boat waves, Sun rays, Ain’t nothing like Lake Days.
  • Lake hair, don’t care.
  • Nature’s poolside.
  • Lake breeze puts me at ease.
  • If there is magic on this planet, it’s contained in water.
  • Give me a boat, a lake, and a drink in my hand. You will make me the happiest girl in the world.
  • A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.
  • All you need is love. And the lake.
  • You keep your ocean, I’ll take the lake.
  • Be calm like a calm lake, then you will look beautiful like a beautiful calm lake!

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lake captions
  • I’m lost at the lake. Don’t bother me.
  • Time wasted at the lake is time well spent.
  • A clean cabin is a sign of wasted time at the lake.
  • I believe that water is the closest thing we have to God here on Earth.
  • The little lake you love is the biggest ocean for you!
  • Keep your ship together.
  • The deeper the waters are, the more still they run.
  • Beer tastes better at the lake.
  • Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.
  • Fill your life with lakes, not things.
  • Stay close to the serenity of a lake to meet your own peace of mind.

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  • What happens at the lake, stays at the lake!
  • Lake rules: fish fish fish fish fish fish.
  • Limnophile – lover of lakes.
  • On lake time.
  • If you need me, I’ll be at the lake. PS: don’t need me.
lake Instagram captions
  • Making nature cozy.
  • If you’re not barefoot, then you are overdressed.
  • Nature is not a place to visit. It is at home.
  • A little tranquil lake is more significant to my life than any big city in the world.
  • When we count our blessings, we count days at the lake.

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  • Not every lake dreams of being an ocean.
  • Go jump in the lake.
  • Living the lake life.
  • Avoid pier pressure.
  • I refuse to sink.
lake caption
  • Having fun is so impor-tent.
  • Being at the lake fixes everything.
  • The mind is like water. When it’s turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it’s calm, everything becomes clear.
  • The lake… Stirs the heart. It inspires the imagination, and brings joy to the soul!
  • Sunglasses, good friends, and a day at the lake. What more could you ask for?
  • Make your heart like a lake, with a calm, still, surface, and great depth of kindness.
  • Finding my zen at the lake.
  • Life is better at the lake.
  • Looking for the catch of the day.
  • Lake days are the best days.

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lake day captions
  • Postcard material.
  • My music is the breeze.
  • I majored in lake days.
  • Lake rules: Sleep in. Read. Nature. Memories. Relax. Fish. Enjoy each moment.
  • Live. Love. Lake.
  • Summertime is coming …When is your favorite time of year on the lake?
  • I can never get enough of the lake.
  • I’m lost at the lake. Don’t bother me.
  • The lower the latitude, the better the attitude.
  • Sunny days at the lake are my idea of heaven.
lake day Instagram captions
  • Paradise is found at the lakes.
  • It’s a-boat time we go to the lake.
  • Reckless diving.
  • Pier pressure keeps a dock floating above water.
  • So lovely was the loneliness of a wild lake.
  • Wanna hear a lake pun? I a-shore you it’s good.
  • I don’t need therapy, I just need my boat.
  • Is this real life, or is this just fanta-sea?
captions for the lake
  • Eat. Sleep. Boat. Repeat.
  • I like big boats and I cannot lie.
  • She says you were being a bit beachy.
  • I’m on lake time.
  • This is my resting beach face.
  • Sandy toes with a sunkissed nose.
creative Instagram lake captions
  • She says you were being a bit beachy.
  • Food, friends, sunshine.
  • This vacation is one in a melon.
  • Welcome to the lake house.
  • Good things come to those who bait.

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Lake Quotes for Instagram

lake quotes for Instagram
  • Stay fresh!
  • Many drops make a bucket, many buckets make a pond, many ponds make a lake, and many lakes make an ocean.
  • The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.
  • I’m a catch!
  • I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are.
  • I’m a lakeaholic.
  • Got the lake on my mind.
  • You dive me crazy.
  • Vacation mode on.
  • You bring the boat, and I’ll bring the bubbles.
  • Another day, another dip.
  • Sometimes we are taken into troubled waters not to drown, but to be cleansed.
  • I’m hooked!
  • This camp sky is a five billion-star hotel.
  • I’ve succumbed to pier pressure.
  • Never chase anything but drinks and dreams.
  • Every lake belongs to the quietness desired by the swans.
  • Don’t let anyone say that your experience is not good enough. Live at your lake and enjoy it!
  • Seas the day.

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lake quotes
  • You call it a jet ski. I call it a boater-cycle.
  • Catching a movie at the dive-in.
  • I’m outdoorsy, I like to drink on boats
  • Let’s run away to the lakes.
  • A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature.
  • Bear with me.
  • Heaven is a little closer in a home by the lake.
  • I lake you a lot!
  • Lake days are my therapy.
  • If you’re lucky enough to live at the lake, you’re lucky enough.
  • This floats my boat.
  • Sleep under the stars and swim under the sun.
  • Lake mode: activated.
  • Just call me Dwayne ‘The Dock’ Johnson.
  • Memories made at the Lake last a lifetime.
  • You al-waves make me smile.
  • I want to lay down, let the sun hit my face, and forget about absolutely everything.
  • My love for you is in-tents!
  • Wind in our hair, sun in our faces, love in our hearts.
  • Don’t be a summer bummer.
  • Meet me at the lake.
  • Home is where the waves are.
  • The lake is humble. It is quiet and crisp.
  • Follow me to the lake.
  • Just keep paddling!
  • Leaving worries in our wake.
  • I love to wake at the lake.
  • Not every lake dreams of being an ocean.

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