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100 Awesome Lighthouse Captions for Instagram

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Is there anything more beautiful than a lighthouse at sunset? It’s the perfect opportunity to take an incredible photograph. If you’ve snapped the perfect picture, feel free to browse our list of the best lighthouse captions for Instagram!

There are many to choose from, including a hilarious selection of lighthouse puns for the witty among you.

If you’d like something more philosophical to describe the moment, jump straight to our section on lighthouse quotes for Instagram. Simply click the contents below to view your desired content!

Lighthouse Captions for Instagram

Lighthouse captions for Instagram
  • Be like a lighthouse and shine.
  • Morning sun & lighthouse fun
  • You light up my world.
  • Coastal breeze & rocky seas
  • Roam, wander, explore.
  • Shine bright like a lighthouse.
  • By the ocean is where I’m meant to be.
  • The lighthouse stands unintentionally stoic and tall, lighting the way for those out at sea.
  • You have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.
  • This lighthouse has been around for over a century. It’s really earned its stripes.
  • Stay calm. I’ll always be the lighthouse on your shore.
  • Everyone shines, given the right lighting.
  • The one where I visit a lighthouse
  • Be the lighthouse, not a raging wave.’
  • You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.
Lighthouse Instagram captions
  • Be your own light and seek the highest good in all things — even if it means risking comfort.
  • You, me, and the sea.
  • My lighthouse is taking me in with open arms, too.
  • These bright lights are my medicine
  • Be the lighthouse in someone else’s storm.
  • There are two kinds of light the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.
  • The lighthouse really towers over us!
  • Beauty is a light in the heart.
  • Manned in the place where you live
  • A lighthouse is not interested in who gets its light! It just gives it without thinking! Giving light is its nature!
  • I took a moment to realize just how wonderful my life is.
Lighthouse captions
  • From a lighthouse’s light, shines the light of hope.’
  • Enjoying life one lighthouse at a time
  • A wind-swept coast, a lighthouse, an island. Humans, above all else, long to be in the light.
  • Surrounded by darkness yet enfolded in light.
  • It’s a lighthouse thing, you wouldn’t understand

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Lighthouse Instagram caption
  • Not all lighthouses wear capes.
  • People often believed they were safer in the light, thinking monsters only came out at night.
  • Stargazing and boat saving.
  • After darkness comes the light.
  • Breathe in the salty air.
  • Stopping at a lighthouse really gives us time to reflect.
Funny lighthouse captions
  • Some days we all need a little reminder to look out for the light.
  • If you want to rule the darkness, you must first rule the light.
  • Good reef, this lighthouse is beautiful!
  • A little magic can take you a long way.
  • Let light shine out of the darkness.

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Lighthouse caption
  • The lighthouse is calling and I must go.
  • If you are the light, you can cast away the darkness.
  • Be the lighthouse that doesn’t lose sight of its surroundings, the beacon that refuses to dim.
  • I live in my own little fairy tale.
  • My heart burns for the city lights.
Beautiful lighthouse captions
  • Are you shore there’s a lighthouse around here?
  • Never met a lighthouse I didn’t like.
  • If you are a lighthouse, you cannot hide yourself; if you hide yourself, you cannot be a lighthouse!
  • I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.
  • The scars you share become lighthouses for other people who are headed to the same rocks you hit.
  • Keep shining, beautiful one. The world needs your light.
  • Lighthouses are endlessly suggestive signifiers of both human isolation and our ultimate connectedness to each other.
Short lighthouse sayings
  • Don’t curse the darkness. Instead, light a candle to guide you.
  • See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.
  • Christmas lights, city nights.
  • Life is better where it’s wetter.
  • If you want to rule the darkness, you must first rule the light.
  • This lighthouse is a real keeper

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Lighthouse Quotes for Instagram

Lighthouse quotes for Instagram
  • “Once the lighthouse is seen, the rest of the sea is ignored.” – Terri Guillemets
  • “Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time.” – E.P. Whipple
  • “The lighthouse does great service to humanity, yet it is the slave of those who trim the lamps.” – Alice Wellington Rollins
  • “Lighthouses are not just stone, brick, metal, and glass. There’s a human story at every lighthouse; that’s the story I want to tell.” – Elinor DeWire
  • “And it was a most remarkable, a most moving glance, as if for a moment a lighthouse had looked at me.”- Ford Madox Ford
  • “A lighthouse is both an invitation and a warning. A lighthouse says ‘welcome home’. But next to that, right after that, it also says ‘danger’.” – Nathan Hill
  • “Lighthouses don’t get all wobbly when the weather gets rough; they just stand there shining.”
  • “I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse. They were built only to serve.” – George Bernard Shaw
  • “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must also be present.” – Francis Bacon
  • “If I were to vow at all, it should be to build a lighthouse.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • “God built lighthouses to see people through storms. Then he built storms to remind people to find lighthouses.” ― Shannon L. Alder
  • “The love within them shone as brightly as the lighthouse beam on the darkest, stormiest night.” – Jody Hedlund
  • “Man must behave like a lighthouse; he must shine day and night for the goodness of everyman.” – Mehmet Murat ildan
  • “Metaphysics is a dark ocean without shores or lighthouse, strewn with many a philosophic wreck.” – Immanuel Kant
Lighthouse Instagram quotes
  • “If you open your eyes very wide and look around you carefully, you will always see a lighthouse which will lead you to the right path! Just watch around you carefully!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan
  • “She is like a revolving lighthouse; pitch darkness alternating with a dazzling brilliance!” – Henry James
  • “Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.” – Anne Lamott
  • “The lighthouse of the Lord beckons to all as we sail the seas of life.” – Thomas S Monson
  • “He slept that night thinking of loves and lighthouses. That one love might shine to bring all loves home.”- Jamie O’Neill
  • “I feel that we’re all lighthouses, and my job is to shine my light as brightly as I can to the darkness.” – Jim Carrey
Inspirational lighthouse quotes

Lighthouse Puns

Lighthouse puns for Instagram
  • Getting nauti.
  • This lighthouse shore is pretty!
  • This lighthouse is about to get lit.
  • This lighthouse is beacon my heart
  • Light is right.
  • Keep shining bright.
  • Ship happens.
  • I love my lights a whole watt.
  • Islet my imagination run wild.
  • Don’t go beacon my heart
Lighthouse puns
  • Good reef!
  • Jetlag has wrecked me.
  • I wish I looked that good in stripes
  • A fallen lighthouse is more dangerous than a reef.
  • Lighten your load, so you can move forward with ease.
  • Inside my empty bottle, I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships.
Lighthouse pun
  • The lighthouse stands unintentionally stoic and tall.
  • It’s a lighthouse thing, you wouldn’t understand
  • Don’t forget that maybe you are the lighthouse in someone’s storm.
  • Is this lighthouse shining just for me?
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