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Road Trip Resources

Ready for the road trip of a lifetime?

As exciting as your trip may be, chances are you might need some help with planning your trip beforehand and once you’re along the way.

You’re in the right place.

Below is a list of all the resources you could possibly need for your road trip.

Here are the key pages on this website that will assist you with your road trip experience:


Skyscanner logo

Skyscanner is one of the best flight comparison sites.

The best feature is the ability to search by month – perfect if you’re flexible with your travel dates.

You can also search broadly IE. to a whole country as opposed to a particular airport. This feature is especially useful for getting a good deal if you’re flexible with your trip.

Google flights logo

Google Flights is another effective resource for finding a good deal on a flight.

The best function is the map view, as it makes it easy to compare flights and prices to different places. logo is a great platform for finding cheap airfares via lesser-known routes.

One of the more interesting features is that it will break up journeys into multiple legs between different airlines, to try and find a better deal.

Another good feature is that you can search from multiple specific airports at once. This is handy if you are almost equal driving distance from multiple airports, which is often the case.

Car Hire

Rental Cars Logo is our preferred site to book a rental car for your trip.

They compare prices and options from multiple car rental companies so you can get the best value.

The rental companies also have ratings which is helpful when making a decision.

You can book the car directly through, and it is sometimes cheaper than booking directly with the car rental companies.

Travel Supermarket Logo

Travel Supermarket also has a helpful car rental comparison function.

Enter the dates you travel and check through the options to find the best deal.

Accommodation Logo is our go-to resource for booking private rooms.

It tends to have multiple options, from hotels to homestays.

The trick is to filter through the options to find exactly what you are looking for, by selecting facilities, price, and location.

Hostelworld Logo

Hostelworld is our favorite app for beds in a shared dorm and private rooms in hostels. It is a great budget option and perfect for solo travelers.

The site has a decent review system which is important as hostel quality can vary significantly.

Trivago Logo

Trivago is a useful site for booking hotels.

If you know the area you want to stay in (or even the specific hotel), it will compare prices across multiple sites for you, guaranteeing you the cheapest booking option.

Couchsurfing Logo

Couchsurfing is a nice resource that allows travelers to network and put each other up for free.

It works on the assumption that you may let someone ‘couchsurf’ at your place at some point in the future.

Air BnB Logo

Air BnB is an excellent resource that allows independent hosts all over the world to list their spaces for travelers to book.

Great for someone looking for something different, or a home away from home.

Also great for digital nomads looking for flexibility, privacy or nice working space.


iOverlander Logo

Ioverlander is an awesome site/app that will show you campsites (in map format) along your route.

It will tell you how much a site costs or if it is free, as well as what amenities are available such as: toilets, wi-fi, cooking areas, showers etc.

One of its main advantages is the reviews from other the large community of other users. There are often photos and descriptions of camping areas. You can add or update this information as a fellow user.


BudgetYourTrip Logo

Budget your trip is a useful resource for creating a trip budget prior to leaving.

You can search by destination and see estimates and averages for costs you might incur during your trip.

It also provides daily, weekly, and monthly living budget amounts in any currency. Logo is a helpful resource to help you figure out fuel costs for your trip.

You can enter your exact vehicle details and the route you plan to take into the trip calculator, and it will figure out fuel costs for you.

Travel Insurance

World Nomads Logo

Travel insurance is important if you plan to travel abroad.

World Nomads offer solid travel insurance for travelers, particularly longer-term travelers and backpackers. You don’t need a return flight home, which is rare for a lot of travel insurance companies.

You can also tailor your policy depending on where you plan to go. For example, if you are taking a road trip into the mountains, you can add snow sports to your package.


Google Maps Logo

Google Maps is our go-to navigation and route planning resource.

In our experience, it is particularly accurate in cities, where one-way streets and abnormal driving regulations can be abundant.

Google Maps is also useful when taking public transport or walking when you arrive at your destination, as it still provides you with a route. You can download areas of google maps for offline use, however generally it requires a connection to the internet or data

Waze Logo

Waze is a road navigation app owned by Google.

It has a nice visual experience and the directions are easy to follow.

It often suggests a shorter time to destination than google maps and has accurate estimated arrival times. Alerts for incidents are particularly useful. Logo is an excellent alternative to Google Maps, as everything is available offline.

This is perfect if you’re travelling abroad or driving in remote areas without signal.

I use it frequently when driving abroad, as I like the fact I don’t need to download anything additional.


Parkopedia Logo

You can use Parkopedia to search for the type of parking you want using filters.

The prices are always accurate, which is impressive for a database that covers so many independent parking lots.

You can also book spaces within Parkopedia, by entering the dates and times you plan to park.

Park me Logo

Park Me Parking is another parking comparison database.

As with Parkopedia, you can search for parking based on your requirements and book spots directly through the site or app.


Tripadvisor Logo

Tripadvisor is the perfect resource if you want the inside scoop on something.

As the world’s biggest review site, it comprises countless reviews from other travelers for hotels, restaurants, activities, tours etc.

Users often upload their own photos along with reviews, which can help with getting a good idea of what to expect.

Yelp Logo

Yelp is another helpful review resource.

Popular with the US market, Yelp also has reviews about restaurants, hotels.. you name it.

If you can’t find a review of where you’re going between Tripadvisor and Yelp, it probably doesn’t exist.