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Road Trip Entertainment: Everything You Need

Welcome to our road trip entertainment section!

This page pulls together all our top tips and articles for road trip entertainment and activities. There is something for every group and every occasion. You’ll never be bored on the road again!

We also have a whole section of the website devoted to planning and packing. If you want to check you’re ready and have all the essentials before you put your feet and up sort out the entertainment, head over to those articles:

Now, let’s get stuck into some entertainment…

Road Trip Games to Play in the Car

Road trip games are a great way to pass time during a drive. We have put together several lists of our favorite games depending on the group you’re traveling with. These games range from word games to classic games like the license plate game and the scavenger hunt.

Keep reading on for more examples of awesome road trip entertainment ideas…

Road Trip Activities to do During Breaks

Regular breaks are important for safe driving, but they are also a great chance to have a break from the monotony of the road lines during a long journey.

Don’t forget to check out this article on how to entertain yourself on a long car ride.

Consider taking a football or other sports equipment to throw around during your rest-stops. We have a great article full of additional Road Trip Activities.

road trip activities

Take Travel Games to Play in your Accommodation

A long road trip will often have many stops along the way. I like to have a few good travel games in the boot to get out around the table after dinner.

Particularly on days, I have covered a lot of miles, I like to relax in the evening in the accommodation. A few travel games are a must-have for any road tripper for such an evening.

Download Audio Media

A good selection of radio, playlists, and audiobooks is the way to go for a fun-filled road trip. My top tip is to download a few podcasts too. This longer form media content can keep things interesting during the trip.

Be sure to ask around for the best podcasts and playlists in advance to keep everyone in the car happy. A good podcast can be great for starting a conversation on a deep topic.

It’s a good idea to download content to a smartphone in advance in case the mobile internet connection is spotty on the road.

Guess That Song: How to play

  1. Choose a popular playlist from a mobile streaming service like Spotify and hit shuffle
  2. Take it in turns to try to name the song after the first few seconds are played. Say pass if you don’t know the answer.
  3. See who can name the most songs in a minute

Car Charging

Make sure you have an in-car charger or a charging pack to ensure you don’t run out of battery. I also use a device to hold my smartphone on the window for easy access.

To make things interesting try a singalong or better a quick game of guess the song!

have fun on a car journey

Ask Fun Questions

A fun set of road trip questions can be a great way to keep the conversation going on a long drive. Have a think of some interesting questions you can ask each of your companions or make it easier by checking out our conversation starters!

Plan Fun Places to Stop

Even though you want the journey to be fun, it really is all about the destinations and the places you visit.

Planning can take a road trip from being chaotic to thoroughly enjoy. For this reason, check out a couple of our articles on how to plan the perfect road trip with the best places to stop!

There are some fantastic apps to not only find some great stop-offs but also plot them on your route. If you can find attractions on the route it’s much more fun than using endless service stations for rest and recuperation.

Keep it spontaneous!

If you see a great landscape and a lay by, why not pull over and take some photos or a short walk around the area. Frequent breaks with exercise are a great way to keep you from getting bored in the car.

games to play in the car

Food and Drink Road Trip Entertainment

I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t love food and drink. It’s something that brings everyone together.

We’ve put together a number of articles on road trip food ideas so you can make sure your cooler box is full to the brim with delicious snacks and lunches!

Planning and taking food and drink can save a lot of money, not to mention it’s way better than bad-quality gas station food!

Sports Entertainment

The great thing about a road trip is you have lots of space to take all manner of items with you. The more fun things you include in your Road Trip Packing List the more choice you have when you’re on the 10th service station of the day chilling in the grassy bank next to the car park. You might choose to take a football, frisbee or other items such as toys for the dogs and/or kids. If you can fit it in the car you might as well take it!