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Best Road Trip Junk Food List

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Here is the definitive list of the best road trip junk food for your long car ride! Browse through this list prior to heading to the supermarket so that you know exactly what to stock up on ahead of your journey.

You can also grab a lot of the stuff online! I like to have a nice road trip snack box in the trunk which I can pull different treats from during my breaks at rest stops.

From sweet treats to savory delights, this list of the best junk food for a car ride will satisfy your hunger for hours. Looking for something healthier/homemade? Check out our road trip food ideas article and our suggestions for the best road trip snacks.

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Oreo Cookies

oreo cookies

No road trip junk food list would be complete without Oreo cookies. A delicious must-have classic! These creme-filled sandwich cookies are loved by all.


selection of candy

Candy can provide a nice sweet treat too as if we didn’t have enough already! A great option is to order a Candy Box online at Amazon which you can take in the car with you.

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Reese’s peanut butter cups

Reeses peanut butter cups

Where would we be without Reeses’ peanut butter cups? an absolute must-have for your road trip junk food list. Make sure you pick up a decent supply! Grab a discount by picking up a Bulk Pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups online!

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Pretzels are a great savory alternative to all of the delicious sweet treats we’ve been reviewing. If you’re feeling adventurous, have a go at making some soft homemade pretzels yourself before departure!

For more great ideas check out our full Road Trip Food article for all the tips & advice!

Hershey’s Chocolate

Known for making delicious chocolate, Hershey’s has many flavors to choose from! Grab a few packs online or from the supermarket to keep in the car. Grab a box of Hershey’s Chocolate to throw in the car if you enjoy it!


Jerky is a tasty addition to your road trip junk food selection. It comes in lots of different delicious flavors! If you want to try some new flavors then go ahead and grab this Jerky Lover’s Assortment Box!

Lays Chips & Dips

Chips & dips are perfect to snack on during a long drive. Grab a few bags of your favorite flavors before you hit the road. Head to the local supermarket to grab some dips. Don’t forget the paper towels in case it gets messy!

Cheese-baked snack crackers such as Ritz

I love cheese-baked snack crackers, they’re so addictive! One thing to remember though is they can make you thirsty so make sure you have plenty of drinks in the car.

They also go great with any dips you might have picked up for your trip.

Peanut butter sandwiches

Make some healthy peanut butter sandwiches to fuel your journey. Check out these different recipe ideas to spice them up a bit! There are suggestions on all sorts of different ingredients to add.

Fritos, Tostitos, Doritos or Cheetos

A few different types of chips such as Cheetos or Doritos will go a long way to preventing flavor fatigue caused by the same old stuff!

Muffins & Cup-cakes

Cupcakes can be picked up cheaply at many different stores. Grab a few and keep them as a nice snack at a rest stop. They go perfectly with a cup of strong coffee.


A few packs of cookies are a great addition to any road trip junk food selection. Cookies are one of my favorite snacks. Check out some recipes for delicious Road Trip Snacks in our article.


Popcorn is known for being a great companion when watching a movie at the cinema. Why not bring some along on your next car journey as a delicious treat?


Grab some delicious dark chocolate if you want a change from the traditional stuff. The chocolate with a high cocoa content has a really unique taste. Be careful though, it’s full of caffeine!


Nuts are a nice healthy alternative to help satisfy your hunger during a long car ride.

If you want snacks that don’t include animal products, we have lots of suggestions in our Vegan Road Trip article.


fruit milkshake

Either make some delicious homemade milkshakes or grab some from your favorite restaurant. It’s a nice different idea to mix things up while you’re in the car! Personally, I love the milkshakes at Five Guys, so that would be my first stop!

We now move on to my final road trip junk food suggestion!

Ice cream

tubs of ice cream

If you decide to take ice cream you may also want to pick up a decent road trip cooler to store it in.

Above I have created an extensive road trip junk food list for you to use when you are stocking up at the supermarket ready for a big journey! Aside from those on the list, make your trip one to remember by stopping off at your favorite fast-food restaurant en route!

Stop by the supermarket and collect this enormous selection of sweet and savory treats!

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