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100 Amazing Spring Break Captions for Instagram

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Look no further for the ultimate collection of Spring Break Captions for Instagram! Have you been on an awesome trip with friends? This article is full of all the Spring Break Quotes for Instagram you need to perfectly describe the moments you’ve captured!

We know the vibe. It’s all about having fun while you enjoy some free time. Spring Break is the perfect time to blow off some steam and let loose.

Browse this selection of hilarious Spring Break puns and choose your favorite from the list. It’s time to make memories that last a lifetime.

Spring Break Captions for Instagram

Spring Break Captions for Instagram
  • What’s winter?
  • Spring sprang sprung break.
  • Paradise found on this stunning spring break getaway!
  • Don’t worry, beach happy.
  • Snooze, booze, repeat.
  • Good vibes and tan lines.
  • We came, we drank, we danced.
  • If you’re not barefoot, then you’re overdressed.
  • Soaking up the sun and making memories on spring break!
  • Good times and tan lines.

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Spring Break captions
  • Why limit happy to an hour?
  • Hit me with your best shot.
  • Beer, Lime, and Sunshine.
  • Time to hit the beach.
  • The only B.S. I need is bikinis and sandals.
  • New rule: All drinks must come in coconut form.
  • Sipping on some sunshine.
  • Beach right back.
  • When life gives you lemons, hand them back and ask for a caipirinha.
  • Life was meant for good friends & great adventures.

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Spring Break Insta Captions
  • When in doubt, Spring Break.
  • I don’t need a man. I need tequila and a tan.
  • Spring break forever.
  • Palm trees and endless cocktails.
  • Boosted and bronzed.
  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star, point us to the nearest bar.
  • You’re the piña to my colada.
  • Sunny side up.
  • But first, cocktails.
  • Spring has sprung and I’m ready for some fun!

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Instagram Captions for Spring Break
  • Suns out, buns out.
  • It’s a Spring Break. thing, you wouldn’t understand.
  • Currently sun-employed.
  • Meanwhile, on Spring Break.
  • The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.
  • Live a bikini kinda life.
  • Spring Break is calling and I must go.
  • Happiness comes in waves – and in cocktails.
  • Life’s a beach, and I’m just playing in the sand.
  • It was a sandy spring break.

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Best Spring Break Captions
  • Spring Break mood: on.
  • Raise your glass if you barely survived spring break!
  • Palm trees & ocean breeze.
  • Girls just wanna have sun.
  • Bright lights and Spring Break nights.
  • What happens on Spring Break, stays at Spring Break.
  • Beach, please!
  • Don’t worry, beach happy.
  • Go where the sun and cocktails are strong.
  • You can’t swim with us!

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Funny Spring Break Captions
  • Party now, adult later.
  • Spring break, here I come!
  • Spring has sprung and I’m ready for some fun in the sun!
  • Inhale the good vibes, exhale the bullshit.
  • Beach therapy.
  • Tropical state of mind.
  • It’s happy hour every hour, on the hour.
  • Stress free zone.
  • Living my best life on this beautiful spring break.
  • Catch me by the sea.
  • A balanced diet is a cocktail in each hand.

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Spring Break Quotes for Instagram

Spring Break Quotes for Instagram
  • “Alright Spring Breakers, you know what time it is.” – The Lonely Island, Spring Breakers
  • “A little party never killed nobody.” – Fergie
  • “Life is all about having a good time.” – Miley Cyrus
  • “There cannot be good living where there is no good drinking.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • “Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.” – George Carlin
  • “So I put my hands up, they’re playin’ my song.” – Miley Cyrus
  • “Let’s go to the beach, beach. Let’s go get away.” – Nicki Minaj, Super Bass
  • “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” – E.E. Cummings
  • “Spring is when life’s alive in everything.” – Christina Rossetti

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Spring Break Quotes
  • “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘let’s party.'” – Robin Williams
  • “Nothing lasts forever, except the day before you start your vacation.” – Gayland Anderson
  • “One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.” – Charles Baudelaire
  • “Cherish these nights, cherish these people. Life is a movie, but there will never be a sequel.” – Nicki Minaj, All Things Go
  • “Life’s short. Eat dessert first, work less and vacation more!!” – Lea Mishell
  • “Work is the curse of the drinking class.” – Oscar Wilde
  • “Tonight, we are young. So let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun.” – Fun., We Are Young
  • “Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I just want to lay in my bed.” – Bruno Mars, The Lazy Song
  • “You gotta fight. For your right to party.” – Beastie Boys
  • “If life gives you lemon, make lemonade…and find someone whose life gave them vodka.” – Ron White

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Spring Break Puns for Instagram

Spring Break Puns for Instagram
  • Hola, beaches!
  • I love my job when I’m on Spring Break.
  • Trust me you can dance. Signed, Vodka.
  • Seas the day!
  • (Spring) breakin’ out the bikinis!
  • Save water, drink wine.
  • Soup of the day: Tequila.
  • Feeling sun-sational.
  • I have mixed drinks about feelings.
  • Happier than a seagull with a French fry.

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Spring Break Puns
  • Tropic like it’s hot.
  • Alcohol you later!
  • You might call it Spring Break, but I call it therapy.
  • Don’t get tide down.
  • Bad and boozy.
  • Technically it’s not drinking alone if the bartender is there.
  • Sea-esta.
  • Beach right back.
  • All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal, or fattening.
  • Shake your palm palms.

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