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100 Breathtaking Sydney Captions for Instagram

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Welcome to the ultimate collection of Sydney captions for Instagram! Sydney, a mesmerizing blend of iconic landmarks, stunning beaches, and a vibrant cultural scene, offers countless picturesque moments worth sharing. Choose from our carefully curated list of Sydney quotes to accompany your breathtaking photos!

Whether you’re basking in the sun at Bondi Beach, marveling at the architectural wonder of the Sydney Opera House, or exploring the trendy streets of Surry Hills, you’ll need the right words to capture the essence of your experience.

If you’re after a touch of humor, we’ve got your back! Be sure to explore our assortment of Sydney puns towards the end of this article. Now, let’s find that flawless caption for your unforgettable Sydney adventure!

Sydney Captions for Instagram

Sydney Captions for Instagram
  • Surf, sun, and Sydney.
  • I fell in love. His name is Sydney.
  • Get wavy.
  • Sydney, you’re ‘kanga-ruling’ my heart.
  • Sydney or never.
  • Sweet as!
  • Getting my Oz game on in Sydney.
  • Sunset kisses and starry-eyed dreams in Sydney.
  • A Sydney-sational day!
  • You had me at ‘G’day Mate!’

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Sydney Captions
  • Beaches and Bondi breezes.
  • Sunny rays and Sydney days.
  • I’m in a good place right now. Not emotionally, I’m just in Sydney.
  • Skyline vibes and Sydney nights.
  • Wanderlust and city dust, Sydney you’re a must.
  • I’d rather be in Sydney.
  • Living my Sydney dream.
  • Sydney dreamin’.
  • Lost in the urban jungle of Sydney.
  • They say ‘Do what makes you happy’ so I came to Sydney.
Sydney Instagram Captions
  • Stoked to be in Sydney.
  • I left my heart down under.
  • Tomorrow is a good day, I know because I’m in a time zone ahead of you.
  • Did someone say kangaroo?
  • Sydney – where the ocean meets the sky.
  • Harbouring feelings for Sydney.
  • Skyscraping memories in Sydney.
  • Leave a little saltwater wherever you go.
  • Thanks heaps for the sun, Sydney.
  • Sydney, you’re my golden hour.

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Sydney Caption
  • G’Day Sydney.
  • If you can’t go to heaven, Sydney is the next best thing.
  • From Sydney, with love.
  • Sydney is my happy place.
  • Sydney, you leave me ‘koala’-fied for adventure.
  • See you later, mate.
  • Oi, mate, I’m Australian now.
  • Making waves in Sydney.
  • Add Sydney to your bucket list. I promise you won’t regret it.
  • Life is better down under.
Sydney Insta Captions
  • Bondi-ng with Sydney’s beaches.
  • Ain’t no Bridge too far in Sydney.
  • I’ll be sea-ing you real soon Sydney.
  • Sydney, you’re ‘Aussie-m’!
  • Made in Sydney.
  • Born to be wild, born to be in Sydney.
  • Postcard from Sydney – wish you were here.
  • Making memories in Sydney.
  • Surf, sun, and Sydney – the ultimate trio.
  • A stroll through the Rocks.

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Sydney Quotes for Instagram

Sydney Quotes for Instagram
  • “I think Sydney has so much natural beauty; it’s just a beautiful city.” – Flume
  • “Australia is about as far away as you can get. I like that.” – Andre Benjamin
  • “I have visited Australia several times, and I always try to make a point of going to Sydney because it’s almost my favorite city there, Sydney and Sydney.” – Jackie Collins
  • “I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains.” – Bill Bryson, Down Under
  • “I think Australia has to be a country which has the ‘Welcome’ sign out.” – Paul Keatin
  • “Australia, to the rest of the world, is just far away, and Australia in the Thirties was the faraway of the faraway.” – Baz Luhrmann
  • “Being lost in Australia gives you a lovely feeling of security.” – Bruce Chatwin
  • “Australians have a free spirit and an ability to think outside the box, and that is why I like Australia so much.” – Brian Schmidt
  • “One of the great things about Sydney is that it has a great acceptance of everyone and everything. It’s an incredibly tolerant city, a city with a huge multicultural basis.” – Baz Luhrmann
  • “Sunset is so marvelous that even the sun itself watches it every day in the reflections of the infinite oceans!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan
Sydney Quotes
  • “If you put 20 cents in me and ask me to talk about South Sydney, I’ll play all night.” – Russell Crowe
  • “Australia, to the rest of the world, is just far away, and Australia in the Thirties was the faraway of the faraway.” – Baz Luhrmann
  • “Alone of all the races on earth, they seem to be free from the ‘grass is greener on the other side of the fence’ syndrome, and roundly proclaim that Australia is, in fact, the other side of that fence.” – Douglas Adams
  • “There’s an ease that I have living in Australia. The best things about Sydney are free: the sunshine’s free, and the harbor’s free, and the beach is free.” – Russell Crowe
  • “Australia is just so full of surprises.” – Bill Bryson
  • “There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day.“ – Rachel Boston
  • “Leaving Australia was the hardest thing I have ever done.” – Barry Gibb
  • “Stop worrying about the world ending today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” – Charles M. Schulz
  • “Sydney in general is eclectic. You can be on that brilliant blue ocean walk in the morning and then within 20 minutes you can be in a completely vast suburban sprawl or an Italian or Asian suburb, and it’s that mix of people, it’s that melting pot of people that give it its vital personality.” – Baz Luhrmann
  • Sydney, you’re ‘roo’-markable!

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Sydney Instagram Quotes
  • “If Paris is a city of lights, Sydney is the city of fireworks.” – Baz Luhrmann
  • People never forget two things: their first love and their first day in Sydney.
  • Soaking up the Sydney sunshine.
  • The world is your oyster and Sydney is my garden.
  • I love you to Australia and back.
  • Kangaroo-ming around in Sydney.
  • How can you complain in a place like Sydney?
  • My Australia puns are koala-ty.
  • My favorite city.
  • Like heaven on earth.
Quotes About Sydney
  • “The party is a true art form in Sydney and people practice it a great deal. You can really get quite lost in it.” – Baz Luhrmann
  • Today’s good mood is sponsored by Sydney. 
  • Sydney or not Sydney, that’s not even a question.
  • Meet me in Sydney.
  • Postcard from Sydney.
  • If you need me, you can call me on my shellphone.
  • Meet me under the Harbour Bridge.
  • Beaches, bridges, and Bondi – Sydney’s got it all.
  • Gone to see kangaroos.
  • Left my heart in Sydney, better go back and get it.

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Sydney Puns for Instagram

Sydney Puns for Instagram
  • Harbor-ing love for Sydney.
  • Feeling on ‘top of the bridge’ in Sydney.
  • Sydney, you’re the ‘koala’ty time I needed.
  • Beach you to it!
  • Bridge-ing the gap between dreams and reality in Sydney.
  • Feelin’ hoppy when we’re together.
  • People think kangaroos are nice, but they’re roo-theless.
  • Sydney, you’ve got me feeling Opera-tic.
  • Don’t worry. I’m Koalafied.
  • ‘Aria’ you ready for a show at the Sydney Opera House?

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