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50 Brilliant Times Square Captions for Instagram

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Do you love Times Square? We do too! Welcome to the definitive list of the best Times Square captions for Instagram photos. Sometimes you need to perfectly describe the moment. Feel free to choose one of these Times Square quotes for Instagram!

Known as a famous tourist destination, this area in NYC has a wide range of theatres, museums, and many attractions. Finding the right words to express the magic isn’t easy, but with this carefully curated list, you’ll find the perfect text to share with your followers.

If you’re looking for something witty, check out the Times Square puns which are scattered throughout!

Times Square Captions for Instagram

Times Square Captions for Instagram
  • In the heart of the city.
  • The world’s most famous crossroads.
  • Times Square is really something else!
  • The lights never get old.
  • Times Square, where dreams come true and there’s a billboard for literally everything.
  • This view is to die for.
  • It’s New York, baby.
  • Anything is possible. This is New York.
  • I was made for these lights.
  • Times Square’s so bright, I need to wear shades.
  • I’m just a small-town girl with big city dreams.
  • Times Square madness
  • The illuminated city

Times Square is certainly one of the must-see places for anyone visiting New York. I went there myself and absolutely loved it! You might also benefit from checking out these New York captions for Instagram if you’re spending time in the big apple.

Times Square Captions
  • Sleepless nights and NYC lights.
  • Times Square is basically just an ad for Times Square.
  • Taking a bite out of the Big Apple.
  • My favorite color is neon lights!
  • Me and Times Square: Love at first light.
  • NYC is lit.
  • The city that never sleeps, indeed!
  • From time to Times Square.
  • New York state of mind.
  • Walking through a concrete jungle.
  • From NY with love.

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Time Square Captions
  • It’s about Times Square.
  • The best of New York City all in one place.
  • Once upon a Times Square.
  • Times Square is shining brighter than a diamond!
  • Right in the heart of it all.
  • I love spending quality Times Square together.
  • It’s a big, big world.
  • I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, but here.
  • When the lights come on.
  • Time Square: The intersection of dreams and reality.

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Times Square Quotes for Instagram

Times Square Quotes for Instagram
  • “You can’t stop traffic on Times Square.” – Sydney Pollack
  • “New York, I think of nighttime, I think of Times Square and Broadway and nightlife and the city that never sleeps.” – Jimmy Fallon
  • “New York is the only city in the world where you can get run down on the sidewalk by a pedestrian.” – Russell Baker
  • “New York is not a city – it’s a world.” – Iman
  • “There is more sophistication and less sense in New York than anywhere else on the globe.” – Elbert Hubbard
  • “Wherever you are, be all there.” – Jim Elliot

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Times Square Quotes
  • “Times Square can’t shine as bright as you.” – Plain White T’s, ‘Hey There Delilah’
  • “A concrete version of paradise.” – Marisa Casciano
  • “I’m in a New York state of mind.” – Billy Joel
  • “I want Times Square!” – Betty Who
  • A tourist trap I don’t mind being caught in.
  • I wear my sunglasses at night.
  • First Time-rs Squares.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Times Square.
  • Meet me in Times Square.
  • Bright lights and NYC nights.

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