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59 Travel Jokes And Puns To Make You Explode With Laughter

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Here is a collection of some of the best travel jokes to get you laughing out loud whilst on vacation. Enjoy this carefully curated list of the best gags which will be sure to brighten up your day.

Read our favorite jokes about traveling and let us know in the comments which ones you like the most.

These vacation jokes are perfect for keeping you entertained whilst you have a few spare moments. What better way to start a hilarious conversation than by telling some travel puns to lighten the mood? If this article doesn’t provide enough laughter head over to our collection of road trip jokes to keep the fun times going!

Best Travel Jokes

Travel Jokes
travel Jokes For The Whole Family

Due to COVID, I’m going to give traveling a miss this year. Usually, I’m just poor.

Did you hear about the crime committed by the artist? Details are sketchy.

I’m so sick of hearing German sausage jokes.. they’re the wurst.

Travel Puns About Germany

My pet kangaroo doesn’t like traveling, he’s such a pouch potato.

I was livid when my boomerang didn’t come back. Then I realized it was just a stick.

I lost count of how many times I flunked a maths test at school.

I had a rubbish meal out on the moon this weekend. There was no atmosphere at all.

Travel Puns About Windmills

I tried to plan my vacation with a broken pencil, it was absolutely pointless though.

Why did the coffee have a rubbish vacation? It got mugged on the first day.

Two sharks are inside a tank. One of them asks the other, “Any idea how to drive this thing?”

How did the buffalo say goodbye to his son at the train station? Bison!

travel pun

I could hear a constant buzzing after returning from my holiday. The doctor said it was just a bug going around.

Why was it hard to make a group of communists laugh? They all need to get the joke.

I thought raining cats and dogs were bad, then it started hailing taxis.

I’d tell you the joke about construction but I’m still working on it.

Travel Joke About  Construction

Did you hear about the bankrupt origami business? It folded.

All my neighbors are crazy about this new broom they’ve bought. It’s sweeping the nation!

Why did the shark hate its vacation in France? It wanted to go to Finland instead.

Did you hear about the fire at the bakery? The business is toast now.

travel pun about bakery

When you’re at the airport what kind of chocolate can you buy? A bar of plane chocolate.

I told a few jokes to some unemployed friends of mine, non of them worked though.

What is a pepperoni’s favorite place to go on holiday? Leaning Tower of Pizza

What stays in one corner but also travels the world? A stamp

Travel Joke About Stamps

My girlfriend complained last night that I never listen to her… or something along those lines.

Why haven’t we had alien visitors to Earth? It’s good bad ratings – one star.

What do you call a traveler that doesn’t lose its temper? A nomad.

How do you know when an ocean is happy to see you? It waves.

Travel Puns About Waves

What did the watch say to the other watch on a plane? Wow, time flies!

What do you call a mix between a plane and a snake? Boeing Constrictor!

Did you hear about the pasta salesman? He wants to be paid in penne’s

Can you think of something that is brown, and very sticky? A stick.

travel pun about sticks

What is a hamster’s favorite place to go on vacation? Hamsterdam!

The cheese factory in my town collapsed last week. All that was left was de Brie!

I met the guy that invented the door knocker recently. He got awarded a no-bell prize.

What’s the problem with flying on Peter Pan Airways? They neverland!

Travel Joke About Aeroplanes

How did the shell celebrate its birthday? It had a shell-ebration on the beach!

Why was the librarian angry at the airport? Her flight was overbooked

What did the volcano write on a Valentine’s Day card? I lava you so much!

Why did one airplane annoy the others? Bad altitude.

travel jokes about airplanes

Where is a Bee’s favorite vacation destination? Stingapore!

What did the bean say to the other bean when it came back from vacation? How have you bean.

What did the flight attendant say to the elephant? Only one trunk was allowed as a carry-on!

Why did the cross-eyed teacher get fired? She couldn’t control her pupils.

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Best Travel Puns

travel puns
Travel Puns To Make You Laugh Out Loud
  1. I got lost in Tokoyo recently, fortunately, it was all part of Ja-plan!
  2. I have no idea why I went surfing today. I thought to myself, water we doing here?
  3. I told a few jokes at the beach yesterday. The crowd gave me a sanding ovation!
  4. I had too much fun exploring Romania, after a while, I needed to Buch-a-rest!
  5. Have you been to the salt flats in South America? I couldn’t Bolivia what I was seeing!
  6. My friend won’t stop talking to me about oceans, he’s got a very pacific interest in them!
  7. My fear of moving stairs just never stops escalating.
  8. I saw some nice windmills today… I was a huge fan!
  9. I have to sand it to them. The beaches I visited on vacation were incredible!
  10. If you need an ark building, give me a shout… I Noah guy.
  11. I’d love to make you laugh with the pun about the wind, but it absolutely blows.
  12. A witch gave my hotel a terrible review this week, apparently, the broom service wasn’t good enough.
  13. My rabbit was upset at the airport today, he missed his Hareplane!
  14. I was sad whilst saying farewell to the boiled water at the airport. You will be mist!
  15. A witch drove me to the airport this weekend. The only noise the engine made was broom broom!
  16. I had a hard time deciding which beach to go to on vacation. I just wasn’t shore which one to choose!
Travel Puns About  Tokyo

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