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Write For Us

Are you interested in writing for The Road Trip Expert? We are looking for experienced freelance content creators with a passion for road trips, car camping, or living a life on the road. If you’re interested in contributing please send an email to [email protected]

You should include information about yourself, your travel background, and why you’re interested in creating content for The Road Trip Expert. It’s also important to provide links to your previous work and an outline of what relevant skills you have.

We’re interested in creators who:

  • Have real experience in taking road trips, backpacking, or traveling to interesting places.
  • Understand the concept of search intent and how to evaluate SERPs as part of the content planning process.
  • Are able to put themselves in the shoes of the reader and understand what type of content to create to best meet their needs and help them.
  • Are able to conduct their own research and combine it with their own experience to create detailed, useful content.
  • Are able to write compelling SEO-optimized content that aims to help people who are using this website.
  • Are interested in forming a long-term working relationship.
  • Have a skill set that includes the ability to edit/upload images and follow SOPs on internal/external linking, SEO best practices, and blog post formatting.
  • Have a skill set that includes the ability to incorporate affiliate marketing strategies within blog posts while understanding that helping the reader is the primary goal.
  • Have a working knowledge of WordPress, Canva, Slack, and Google Docs.
  • Are able to work to deadlines and problem-solve independently.