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Mathilde Clara Baum

Mathilde is passionate about dancing, surf skating, surfing, sailing, and, of course, traveling. Her latest trips have been road-tripping along the Atlantic coastline of France, Spain, and Portugal in her T3 van. She feels most at home by the ocean and loves exploring and being in nature.

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a portrait image of Mathilde who is an Author at The Road Trip Expert
Mathilde, author at The Road Trip Expert. with her T3 van at sunset

Mathilde has been contributing to The Road Trip Expert since late 2021. Her contributions range from the creation of many of our Instagram Captions articles to social media management, video editing, and graphic design. Many of the captivating visuals you see around our site and social media accounts were designed by Mathilde, including our downloadable resources.

Mathilde at the skate part

If you would like to keep up with Mathilde’s adventures you can follow her on Instagram.

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