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100 Gnarly Skateboarding Captions for Instagram

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Are you a skateboarder looking for the perfect words to describe that picture you took for Instagram? If so, you’re in the right place! 

We’ve packed this post with 100 skateboarding captions for Instagram, perfect for complementing your thrilling rides and epic tricks. Our diverse collection features everything from inspirational skateboarding quotes for Instagram to witty one-liners. There’s something to suit every skateboarder’s unique style. 

And if you love a good laugh, we’ve included a selection of skateboarding puns that will bring a smile to your followers’ faces. So, get ready to seriously ramp up your Instagram game!

Skateboarding Captions for Instagram

Skateboarding Captions for Instagram
  • Poetry in motion.
  • Time to grind it out.
  • The world is my playground, and I’m ready to play.
  • Finding clarity on four wheels.
  • Where creativity meets concrete.
  • Turning obstacles into opportunities.
  • Life’s too short to be a spectator.
  • Every trick landed is a testament to perseverance.
  • Every fall is just a setup for a comeback.
  • My board, my rules.

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Skateboarding Captions
  • Skate, don’t hate.
  • Skateboarding is my escape from the noise.
  • I followed my heart, and it led me to the skate park.
  • Skating to escape reality.
  • Artistry in motion.
  • Carving my own path, one skate at a time.
  • Innovation on four wheels.
  • Skate like no one’s watching.
  • Get up, get out, and skate.
  • Ordinary is overrated.

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Skateboarding Instagram Captions
  • Where camaraderie meets concrete.
  • In skateboarding, we trust our own path.
  • Skateboarding: where focus meets freedom.
  • Skateboarding teaches you how to fall and get back up.
  • Defying gravity, one ollie at a time.
  • Every scar tells a story of a trick well tried.
  • Skate, don’t hate.
  • Every scar is a badge of honor.
  • Finding peace in every ride.
  • Fearless and free – that’s a skateboarder’s life.
Skateboarding Caption
  • Every trick is a work of art.
  • Painting the town with my board.
  • No one has even been skate-bored!
  • The thrills, the spills, and most of all, the skills.
  • Fearless is the skateboarder’s middle name.
  • The sky’s the limit when you’re on a board.
  • Defying the mainstream one ollie at a time.
  • Concrete waves, endless rides.
  • Friendships are as solid as the concrete we ride on.
  • I wheelie love skateboarding!
Skateboard Captions for Instagram
  • Defying the ordinary.
  • It’s not just a sport. It’s a way of life.
  • Rebellion rides on four wheels.
  • Skateboarding: where creativity has no limits.
  • Speed kills, but boredom kills faster.
  • Skateboarding: where mindfulness meets motion.
  • Freedom is a board and four wheels.
  • Skateboarding: where rebellion and creativity collide.
  • This isn’t a phase.
  • Life is a grind. Make it a 50-50.
Skateboard Captions
  • The grind is nonstop.
  • Individuality shines on the skateboard.
  • Adventure is a skateboard away.
  • Four wheels and a piece of wood – simplicity at its best.
  • Just me and the board.
  • Skateboarding is living outside the lines.
  • Skate. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
  • Falling with style since day one.
  • Happiness is a day at the skate park.
  • Bruises fade, but the thrill of the ride lasts forever.
Skate Captions
  • Life is better at the skate park.
  • Free your mind, free your soul.
  • Every cut, every bruise, is a step towards mastery.
  • Fall seven times, stand up eight.
  • Happiness is a board and four wheels.
  • Nothing is too gnarly.
  • Have pride in what your ride.
  • The city is my stage, and my board is my prop.
  • Skateboarding is the ultimate rebellion against conformity.
  • Sidewalks: the skateboarder’s playground.

Skateboarding Quotes for Instagram

Skateboarding Quotes for Instagram
  • “Kick, and push, and coast.” – Lupe Fiasco
  • “All skateboarding is, is putting ideas into action.” – Marc Johnson
  • “That is the most fun part of skateboarding, the challenges. There are always new possibilities.”  – Nyjah Huston
  • “You didn’t quit skateboarding because you got old, you got old because you quit skateboarding.” – Jay Adams
  • “In skateboarding, you’re never bigger than the streets.” – Rob Dyrdek
  • “Hopefully, kids realize you can do anything you want. Skateboarding can be that gateway.” – Ryan Sheckler
  • “Skateboarding is a meditation.” – Rodney Mullen
  • “When I skate, it’s like my brain is turned off; not thoughts, just feelings.” – Valeria Figueroa
  • “I’m too into skateboarding to be devastated by anything.” – Jamie Campbell Bower
  • “I was a real skateboarder – not a gifted skateboarder. I represented that skateboarding was fun to do by being terrible at it.” – Lance Mountain
Skater Quotes for Instagram
  • I live to ride and ride to live. – Ryan Sheckler
  • Skateboarding is a way to let your body control the mind. – Shaun White
  • Think about how much skateboarding opens your eyes to see the world differently. – Jon Humphries
  • Skateboarding teaches kids a lot about self-discipline. – Tony Hawk
  • If you skateboard, you can’t be afraid to have people laugh at you. – Mark Gonzales
  • The best memories come from the craziest ideas.
  • Every fall is just another lesson.
  • The city is my playground.
  • Every fall is a lesson learned.
  • Dare to skate, dare to live.

Skateboarding Puns for Instagram

Skateboarding Puns for Instagram
  • 99 problems but a trick ain’t one!
  • Always push the boundaries of what’s possible on your board.
  • Your problems melt away when you’re on your board.
  • Living life one board slide at a time.
  • Be the girl who decided to go for the big ramps.
  • The world is my skate park.
  • When in doubt, shred it out.
  • In skateboarding we trust.
  • You can’t be afraid to fall.
  • Good things come to those who skate
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