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100 Inspiring Thursday Captions for Instagram

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Hello, Instagrammers! Looking for the perfect Thursday captions for Instagram? We’ve got an amazing collection right here.

Thursday, the day that stands at the gates of the weekend, has its own unique charm and rhythm. Our Thursday quotes for Instagram are designed to capture the mood perfectly. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic for Throwback Thursday, or just excited about the upcoming weekend, we’ve got a variety of captions that’ll perfectly complement your posts.

And if you love a good giggle, be sure to check out our section of Thursday puns that will add a fun twist to your Instagram feed. Stop scrolling Instagram and start scrolling here to find the perfect text to express your Thursday mood!

Thursday Captions for Instagram

Thursday captions for Instagram
  • Happy day before Friday!
  • It’s Thursday, and if you look hard enough, you can see the weekend over Friday.
  • Thursdays are the new Fridays! (Just don’t tell my boss)
  • My favorite sentence is, ‘Tomorrow is Friday.’
  • May your coffee be strong and your Thursday be short.
  • Make this Thursday better than last Thursday.
  • This is the Thursday that changes everything.
  • Thursday is the pre-game for the weekend.
  • This week my weekend starts on Thursday.
  • Thursdays are just Fridays in a wig.

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Thursday captions
  • Good vibes only this Thursday.
  • Happy Friday Eve.
  • It’s Thirsty Thursday, stay hydrated!
  • #TBT to when we thought Thursdays were tough.
  • Throwin’ ’em back this Thursday!
  • Good morning, Thursday. I’m just getting started.
  • Take a breath. It’s almost the weekend.
  • It’s Thursday. We’re in the endgame now.
  • Hustling hard this Thursday to make Friday smoother.
  • Don’t waste Thursday Thinking about Friday.

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Thursday Instagram captions
  • Keep calm and enjoy Thursday.
  • It’s Thursday! Only two sleeps until the weekend!
  • Thoughtful and thankful this Thursday.
  • Thursday is the calm before the weekend storm.
  • Thursday: not quite Friday, but better than Monday.
  • Why do I have the Monday Blues on a Thursday?
  • Let’s slay this Thursday.
  • Life is too short to dream of the weekend. Enjoy Thursday for what it is.
  • Making Thursday my day.
  • The only thing I can throwback on Thursdays is my recliner.
Thursday caption
  • It’s Thursday and I need a break!
  • Focusing on TODAY. Not worried about Friday.
  • Shake off the midweek drowsiness. It’s Thursday, and the weekend is in sight!
  • A day older, a day bolder. Thursday vibes.
  • Please give yourself a round of applause for making it to Thursday.
  • Every Thursday can teach us something new.
  • Let’s start Thursday with a smile. Who knows how it’ll end.
  • I lag on Thursdays, but if you catch me at 5 p.m. tomorrow, you’ll wonder where I got my energy.
  • I see you right around the corner Friday.
  • If this Thursday had a face, I would punch it.
Thursday IG captions
  • Thursdays are for self-care.
  • Check out this #ThrowbackThursday picture!
  • Thursday is the cool kid who sits next to Friday.
  • Welcoming Thursday with a big smile.
  • Thursday thoughts, weekend dreams.
  • Maybe this Thursday will be the best day ever!
  • What is Thursday, if not Monday persevering?
  • Thursday. The day of throwback pics and almost Friday memes.
  • It’s Thursday, or as I prefer to call it, ‘Day 4 of the hostage situation.’
  • Does Thursday only exist to remind me it’s been a really long week?

Thursday Quotes for Instagram

Thursday quotes for Instagram
  • “Thursday, I forecast as mostly sunny. It’s a much-needed break.” John Farley
  • “Thursday is the most dangerous day of the week.” Marty Stern
  • “It’s Thursday and it really feels like a Thursday. Sometimes things just work out.” Demetri Martin
  • “Start your Thursday with an attitude of optimism. It’s going to be a good day!” Kate Summers
  • “If was a sinking feeling, that feeling when you wake up thinking its Friday only to realize its Thursday.” Danielle Poulin
  • “One small positive thought on this Thursday morning can change your whole day.” Tahnni Dupre
  • “The Thursday night game is by far the most difficult game to prepare for.” Matt Cassel
  • Thursday is perhaps the worst day of the week. It’s nothing in itself – it just reminds you that the week has been going on too long. Nicci French
  • “Thursdays bring a focus to our week to complete all that needs to be done.” Byron Pulsifer
  • “By Thursday morning, we’d gotten over the worst of it.” William Scranton
Thursday quotes
  • Running on E this Thursday.
  • Thriving this Thursday!
  • Looking back at who I used to be on Throwback Thursday.
  • Throwback Thursday is my favorite excuse to avoid the present.
  • Thursdays are a day to pause and reflect before the weekend.
  • Doing my ‘it’s almost the weekend’ happy dance!
  • Reminiscing on the memories that got me to this #ThrowbackThursday.
  • Hustle beats hassle, even on Thursdays.
  • Do what you love and Thursdays will be just fine.
  • Getting closer to my dreams, one Thursday at a time.
Thursday Instagram quotes
  • Thursday, is that you?
  • It’s a beautiful Thursday. Don’t let it get away.
  • Nothing ruins my Friday more than realizing it’s Thursday.
  • Thursday – or as I call it, ‘fourth and goal’!
  • Conquering my Thursday one task at a time!
  • A thankful heart on this Thursday.
  • Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow. Happy Thursday!
  • Today’s Thursday, so I have to do everything I’ve been putting off since Monday.
  • Throwback Thursday reminds me of when I could drink on Thursday and still make it to work on Friday.
  • A beautiful Thursday begins with an open mind.

Thursday Puns for Instagram

Thursday puns for Instagram
  • Having fun on Thurs-play!
  • Learning to turn my can’ts into cans this Thursday.
  • Friday just called. She’ll be here tomorrow.
  • A goal is a dream with a deadline. Start working towards it this Thursday.
  • Thoughtful Thursday: a little more kindness, a little less hurry.
  • Taking Thursday one step at a time.
  • This adventure starts on a Thursday.
  • TGIF = Thank God It’s Friday, so Thursday must = SH*T, So Happy It’s Thursday!
  • One man’s women crush Wednesday is another man’s throwback Thursday.
  • The fun starts on Thursday.
Thursday puns
  • Happy thirsty Thirst-day!
  • Happy Thursday! Let’s be productive.
  • Thrill-seeking this Thursday!
  • Quenching my thirst for the weekend, one sip at a time. Welcome to Thirsty Thirst-day!
  • You can’t enjoy your Thursday if you’re worried about Friday.
  • Thursday is one day closer to finishing the hustle.
  • This Thursday is a work in progress.
  • I’ll take a one-way ticket back to this Thursday, please.
  • Once you become fearless, Thursdays are easy.
  • Your best week had a Thursday.
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