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Iain Salter

Founder of The Road Trip Expert

Iain founded The Road Trip Expert in 2019 and continues to manage the website to this day. The inspiration to start the blog came during an extensive road trip around Europe with two friends that spanned several months and involved over 25,000km of driving. He first developed a passion for backpacking in 2014 and has had the pleasure of exploring over 60 countries.

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Iain Salter, Founder of The Road Trip Expert, standing in front of the mountain Seceda in Winter

About Iain

I write about a variety of topics including backpacking, planning road trips, and car camping. I enjoy creating travel guides about the places I’ve visited during my life as a digital nomad.

I founded The Road Trip Expert in 2019 prior to starting a road trip around Europe with two friends. Our aim was to take our 2009 Kia Sportage SUV and climb to the highest points in all current European countries as fast as possible.

Even though I’ve been backpacking since 2014, it was during this adventure that I developed a passion for road trips. Driving between the different mountainous regions gave us the opportunity to explore lots of places that I wouldn’t normally see during one of my typical backpacking trips.

I was a guest on the Streets and Eats podcast with my friend Adam and we discussed the adventure. You can see lots of photos from this trip and others I’ve taken on The Road Trip Expert’s Instagram page.

As you can imagine, lots of things went wrong along the way. From constant issues with the car to troublesome border crossings, it was certainly an adventure. I’ve tried to incorporate that experience into my blog posts to provide useful advice to others.

A photo of a black 2009 Kia Sportage SUV with two of Iain's friends visible

A back injury among other things meant that I failed in the endeavor of reaching the highest point in every European country. To date, I’ve reached the highest points of 31 nations and I hope to complete the challenge in the future.

A highlight for me was summiting Moldoveanu, which is the highest mountain in Romania.

A photo of Iain Salter standing on the summit of  Moldoveanu peak in Romania

My friend Adam (pictured below with me at the highest point in Serbia) actually managed to break the world record! He managed to finish the challenge in just under 174 days. Here we are on the summit of Midžor (Serbia).

A photo of Iain and his friend Adam on the summit of Midžor

In addition to exploring much of Europe by car, I’ve been backpacking since 2014 and I’ve had the pleasure of visiting lots of interesting places across Asia and the Americas. This has provided me with a wealth of experience which I aim to share with others in this blog.
A highlight for me was definitely visiting the Taj Mahal in 2014.

A photo of Iain stood in front of the Taj Mahal

I’ve tried to share as much of my experience as possible in the articles on this site. My team and I are aiming to create the ultimate resource for road trips. We believe that good research and attention to detail combined with real-world experience leads to blog posts that are useful to our readers.

Read more about The Road Trip Expert on our About page and learn more about the people behind the blog on Our Team page.

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