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Can You Park at Costco Overnight? A Road-Tripper’s Guide


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You’re on the road, the sun has set, and you’re pondering your options for a night’s rest. One question comes to mind: 

Can you park at Costco overnight? 

The answer is yes – usually. While Costco’s general policy leans toward allowing overnight parking, it’s not universal across all locations. Local laws and specific store policies can sometimes prohibit it. As someone who has extensively road-tripped across America, I can attest to the importance of checking these details. The best thing you can do is call the Costco and ask if they allow it.

If you’re worried about sleeping overnight at a random Costco, we’ve got you covered. Check out our article: Is it safe to sleep in your car? for essential tips. Let’s go into detail about Costco overnight parking, how to stay safe, and how to show your gratitude. There are also tips on asking for permission to park at a Costco, whether you need a Costco membership, and some alternative locations if there isn’t a Costco close by.

Do You Need A Membership To Park Overnight At Costco?

Generally speaking, membership is only needed to shop at Costco or buy gasoline. You’ll need a Costco membership to take advantage of their deals and discounts. However, they tend to be lenient when it comes to overnight parking, allowing anyone to park overnight without issue. However, it’s a good idea to call and speak to the store to be sure.

Why Do Some Costcos Prohibit Overnight Parking?

While many Costcos are generally welcoming to overnight parkers, there are exceptions. Some locations may prohibit overnight stays due to local laws or safety concerns. For instance, in areas with high crime rates, Costco may restrict overnight parking to protect customers and property. Specific store policies or community guidelines may also influence whether overnight parking is allowed. I’ve learned never to assume anything while traveling.

Keep in mind that Costco is not open 24 hours. That means local law enforcement can easily swing by after hours and cite anyone who’s still in the parking lot. I’ve never had any issues, and as long as you are just there for a quick overnight stop and you keep to yourself, you shouldn’t either. For more information on the legal aspects of sleeping in your car, delve into our article: Is it illegal to sleep in your car?

Which Costcos Allow Overnight Parking?

When it comes to finding a Costco where you can park overnight, location is key. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Rural Areas: Your best bet for overnight parking is at Costco locations in rural settings. The Costcos we’ve parked at in the countryside have plenty of space for parking, and they are typically very quiet at night. These stores usually have larger parking lots and are less restricted by local laws, making it easier to find a spot for the night.
  • Suburban Areas: In suburban locations, the likelihood decreases. While the parking lots are still sizable, community guidelines or zoning laws may impose restrictions. Always check with store management.
  • Urban Areas: Overnight parking at urban Costco locations is the least likely. These stores often have smaller lots and may be subject to stricter local ordinances, sometimes even employing security measures that restrict access after hours.

How Should I Ask For Permission to Park at Costco?

Before you settle in for the night in a Costco parking lot, it’s important to ask for permission from store management. Skipping this step could lead to legal complications or an awkward middle-of-the-night encounter with a security guard or the police. The importance of this action cannot be overstated; it’s a simple courtesy that can make all the difference in your overnight experience.

If you’re unsure how to ask for permission, here’s a sample script to guide you: “Hi, I’m traveling and was wondering if it’s okay to park overnight in your lot?” I use this straightforward question whenever I’m thinking about staying overnight at a Costco, and it has always been enough to get a clear answer from store management. You don’t need to overcomplicate things. 

If Costco doesn’t work out, check out our article on Car Camping Ideas.

Best Practices for Costco Overnight Parking

An overnight stay at Costco can be a convenient option, but following some best practices is essential to ensure a safe and respectful experience. Here’s how to make the most of your stay:

  • Where to Park: Choose a parking spot far enough from the store entrance to avoid disrupting regular business but not so isolated that you’re out of sight of security cameras. Being within range of a security camera can add an extra layer of safety to your stay. I’ve pulled into a Costco lot before and had to drive by a 40-foot travel trailer taking up the first row of parking right outside the door. He probably got a stern knock on his door when the store opened.
  • Safety Measures: Always lock all your vehicle’s doors once you’ve settled in for the night. If you’re sleeping in the car, I recommend keeping the windows rolled up at least 90% of the way. This balances ventilation and security, minimizing unauthorized entry risk but keeping your air fresh.
  • General Etiquette: Don’t be noisy out of respect for other patrons and neighbors. If you have trash, don’t leave it in the parking lot. Leave the spot cleaner than it was when you got there. Always find a proper disposal area or keep it in your car until you can dispose of it responsibly. And if you have dogs with you, please clean up after them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to dodge dog waste in these parking lots.

If you’re interested in a more detailed guide on how to prepare and what to consider for overnight car stays in various locations, check out our Car Camping Advice Category.

Tips for a Safe and Comfortable Night in Your Car

Ensuring a safe and comfortable night in your car is crucial, especially when parking overnight at places like Costco. Always lock all doors and keep valuables out of sight, preferably in the trunk. To stay comfortable, never leave home without a quality neck pillow and a thermal-insulated blanket. They make a world of difference, especially during a cold night on a long trip.

 I’ve never really felt like I was in danger during any of my overnight stops, but always err on the side of caution. Knowing where to shower is also essential if you’re on an extended road trip. For tips on maintaining hygiene during your travels, check out our article on Places to shower on the road.

How To Show Gratitude to Costco

After a restful night in a Costco parking lot, showing gratitude is courteous and essential for fostering a welcoming environment for future travelers. If you don’t have a Costco membership, now is a great time to buy one. The fuel perks are great, and there are excellent deals inside. I didn’t have a Costco membership before traveling, but I use our membership often now.

Leaving a positive review online benefits the store and helps others find this convenient overnight option.

Alternatives to Costco for Overnight Parking

If Costco isn’t an option for you, there are several other places to consider for overnight parking. Walmart often allows overnight stays, and rest stops usually permit up to 8-hour stays. Check out what other stores allow overnight parking too.

Hospitals are generally secure and open 24/7, making them another viable option. Check out our article on parking at hospitals to find out more.

Campgrounds, while not free, offer amenities ranging from $10-$50 per night and are usually well worth the expense.

For more ideas on where you can catch some Z’s in your vehicle, check out our article on places to sleep in your car.

Wrapping It Up: Can You Park At Costco Overnight?

So, can you park overnight at Costco? Generally yes, Costco is a viable overnight option. However, policies can vary by location and are subject to local laws. Always consult with store management and be aware of any ordinances that may affect your stay. As a seasoned road-tripper, I can’t stress enough the importance of doing your due diligence to ensure a safe and hassle-free experience.


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