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Car Comfort Features: How to Stay Comfortable Whilst Driving

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Car comfort is all about how to have the most comfortable journey in your vehicle.

Comfortable cars are designed to have excellent seating, ride quality, noise insulation, and features to improve your experience.

I’ll be giving advice and tips from my experience of driving through over 30 countries.

But there’s more…

I’ll be talking about the best gear, gadgets, and noise-reduction tips to make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

Let’s get started…

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Comfortable Seating

comfortable car seating
Try to sit upright with good back and leg support

I’m sure you’ll agree that lower back pain when driving can really make a trip drag and leave you feeling drained when you arrive.

Comfortable seats in a vehicle are absolutely the most important aspect of car comfort!

There are many aspects to consider from the firmness, material, and positioning of the lumbar support.

Let’s jump in one by one…

Lower Back Support

Seats come on a spectrum from soft and pillowy to firm and supportive.

Generally speaking, a soft seat will be comfy for a short trip. However, over a longer duration, the lack of support on your back and legs will become apparent.

That’s because softer seats that you sink into tend to lead to an unnatural seating position which can put a strain on certain areas.

If you have soft seats and require more lumbar support to reduce back pain, I’d recommend this product:

Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion

A lumbar support can be fitted to your car seat easily to provide extra support and a better seating position. Check out this support cushion by LoveHome.

  • Alleviates lower back pain
  • Sturdy and supportive
  • Washable with adjustable straps

In addition, taking regular breaks and moving around is a great way to avoid causing further problems.

Driving Position

car comfort
Try to have your legs properly supported rather than at an angle

Slouching isn’t a big problem on short journeys.


On longer journeys, you will want to try to sit more upright with sufficient back and leg support to prevent back pain. If you are tall like me this can sometimes be difficult but you have to try to sit upright!

Try to sit back with your head and shoulders and with your back against the seat.

Leg Support

Try to sit with your legs supported such that they are parallel to the road. Avoid putting pressure on your lower back by having your thighs at an angle

If your knees are higher than your backside that it puts a lot of pressure on your lower back which can cause back pain. This is one of the reasons why, over time, slouching can lead to problems.

Back Seat Comfort

Back seats can often be less comfortable due to the seating position. There is often less space meaning that your knees are often higher than your backside and it’s difficult to sit up straight.


  1. Stop for regular breaks and move around, do stretches, and complete a range of motion
  2. Take turns to sit in the front seats. Whilst there, aim to sit up straight with your back in an upright, not slouched, position.

Car Sound Insulation

Noise in a vehicle can come from rattling components, noisy tires, and insufficient insulation.

The best way to soundproof your vehicle is to aim to do the following

  • Buy sound-deadening mats from Amazon and put them underneath the occupants’ floor mats.
  • Buy higher-quality tires that can reduce sound.
  • Insulate the vehicle doors to reduce vibrations
  • Reduce the sound of your exhaust

Noico Sound Deadening Mats for Vehicles

There are clear product instructions on the Amazon page for how to complete the soundproofing of your vehicle.

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Car Comfort Accessories

car comfort accessories
My in-car charger

The most obvious and easily accessible car comfort accessories involve music. If your car does not have Bluetooth but you wish to connect it to a smartphone, you can purchase a Bluetooth Receiver like this one on Amazon.

you can also consider a mobile phone holder and an in-car charger.

Luxury Car Accessories

There are a huge number of luxury car accessories to choose from. Here are a few for you to consider!

  • High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping the car clean and tidy makes it a more pleasurable environment to spend a lot of time in. A vacuum cleaner is a must-have!

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  • Luxury Car Seat Covers

If you want to spice up the interior of your vehicle you could consider some luxury car seat covers such as these from Luckyman. Perfect for a sedan, SUV or truck.

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Car Accessories For Kids

Keeping kids entertained in the car is a tall order! We have an article on the best road trip games for kids.

Alternatively, you could consider some accessories to keep them busy during the ride.

Best Car Comfort Features

When purchasing a car, you might often think about performance or style first. Given how many hours you will spend on the road it’s a good idea to consider car comfort!

Here are some top features to look out for.

  • Different Driving Modes
  • The Level of Noise When Driving
  • Awesome Sunroof
  • Electric Seats
  • Power Steering
  • Great Audio System With Bluetooth
  • Rear Passenger Seat Entertainment
  • Climate Control
  • Leather Seats
  • In-Car Seat Massage
  • Central Entertainment System
  • Long Wheelbase
  • Memory Foam Seats
  • Heated Seats
  • Comfortable Suspension
  • Variable Lighting Modes

Taking Breaks

Taking breaks is essential

I would recommend taking a break of at least 15 minutes every two hours behind the wheel.

Staying seating for long periods of time can lead to back pain and posture imbalance.

Whilst you are on your break make sure you stretch, move around and get the blood flowing. Movement is the key to preventing injury or discomfort.

Most Comfortable Cars

most comfortable cars
SUVs have excellent comfort features

Generally speaking, if you are looking for the most comfortable car to buy. You will be best off checking out this article by a popular car website.

a popular car review website.

Overall, I would say some of the most comfortable cars I have been in are luxury saloons such as those produced by Mercedes, Jaguar, or BMW.

Driving Style for Maximum Comfort

If you are carrying passengers or looking to maximize car comfort for your own journey consider the following ideas:

  • Try not to brake or accelerate too sharply
  • Gentle gear changes and cornering
  • Use cruise control whilst on the highway
  • Make sure your mirrors and seat are aligned correctly.

Car Entertainment

car entertainment

Luxury cars can have extravagant infotainment systems built-in as standard to keep you entertained.

Bluetooth streaming is a great way to play your music or audiobook of choice whilst driving. If your audio system does not have Bluetooth you can purchase a Bluetooth receiver like this one from Amazon.

If you are using a smartphone to play the music you can also consider getting an in-car charger and a phone holder for your vehicle.

Vehicle Management and Reliability

This advice is fairly obvious but having a full tank of gas will result in fewer unnecessary stops along your route and a more comfortable drive on your own schedule.

In addition to this, a well-maintained vehicle is less likely to break down or have mechanical issues. This is important for a stress-free journey.

If you are preparing an old car for a long trip, we have an article for that!

Do you have any tips for maximum car comfort?

Let me know in the comments so I can add it to this resource!

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