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100 Delightful Picnic Captions for Instagram

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Hello there, picnic lovers! We have exactly what you need if you’re looking for the perfect picnic captions for Instagram to describe your breezy afternoon meal or lush setup.

Our curated list features a diverse range of picnic quotes for Instagram that will resonate with your followers. You’ll find expressions that highlight the beauty of nature, the joy of food, and the wonderful company that often accompanies a picnic. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there. If laughter is your thing, our compilation is also peppered with clever picnic puns. So why wait? Dive in, explore, and let’s elevate your picnic posts!

Picnic Captions for Instagram

Picnic captions for Instagram
  • Feasting under the open sky.
  • My favorite restaurants have green trees and chirping birds.
  • The best restaurant IS the view.
  • Living that sweet, sweet picnic life.
  • Time flies by when you’re enjoying a picnic.
  • My picnic blanket, my rules.
  • No reservations are needed in the great outdoors.
  • The grass is always greener when you’re having a picnic.
  • Go on a picnic, even if it’s just in your backyard.
  • Life’s a picnic when I’m with you.

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Picnic captions
  • Packing joy in a picnic basket.
  • The lighting is always good when you’re on a picnic.
  • I need s’more picnics in my life.
  • This sandwich tastes better with a side of fresh air.
  • Savoring serenity one picnic at a time.
  • Suns out (hamburger) buns out.
  • Picnics in paradise.
  • Life is ‘gouda’ when we’re picnicking.
  • Where wildflowers become our dining companions.
  • Food just tastes better outdoors.

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Picnic Instagram captions
  • Peace, love, and picnics.
  • The only snack missing from my picnic basket is you.
  • When life hands you lemons, make lemonade and have a picnic.
  • Reliving childhood memories, one picnic at a time.
  • Life is all about simple food and simple pleasures.
  • Mother Nature is our favorite dining host.
  • Our kind of meal: picnic blankets and sunshine.
  • When life hands you rain on your picnic, dance in it.
  • Expect good thymes when you’re on a picnic.
  • You butter believe I’m gonna savor these summer picnics.

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Picnic caption
  • Where salads meet sunsets.
  • Picnics and my backyard make a really great pear 🍐
  • Our secret picnic spot: where worries don’t exist.
  • Don’t worry; there’s polenta of food to go around.
  • We are ‘mint’ to picnic together.
  • Feasting with the sun as our spotlight.
  • Pressing pause on the day with this picnic.
  • If you wanna have a picnic, give me a kale yeah!
  • Where laughter is served as the main course.
  • Romantic rendezvous beneath the open sky.

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Cute picnic captions
  • Sunshine above us, picnic blanket beneath us.
  • Who needs a table when you have a picnic blanket?
  • You don’t owe gratuity after a picnic, only gratefulness.
  • Living slow, picnic-style.
  • Nature never goes out of style.
  • Every picnic blanket could tell countless stories.
  • It’s an un-brie-lievably nice day for a picnic.
  • Laying out our spread of feast and fun.
  • Good company, good food, good vibes.
  • Picnics are in-tents!
Funny picnic captions
  • Seating between the trees.
  • There’s no dress code for picnics.
  • Dining in nature’s banquet hall today.
  • Autumn picnics: crunching leaves, apple pies, and cozy sweaters.
  • Pack a picnic, pack a smile.
  • Even the ants wanted to join our picnic party.
  • Summer picnics: golden sunsets and watermelon slices.
  • Picnics are Gouda, and with good friends, they can get Feta!
  • Life needs more polka dots and picnics.
  • ‘Lettuce’ have fun at our picnic!
Captions for picnics
  • Let me be frank: I love picnics.
  • We came, we saw, we picnicked.
  • Traveling back in time with our picnic basket.
  • Taking our meal with a side of fresh air.
  • Trying to get to dessert before the sun sets.
  • There’s nothing better than good food and the sounds of nature.
  • The secret ingredient? A pinch of sunshine.
  • A picnic is more than a meal, it is a pleasurable state of mind.
  • Turning a meal into an adventure.
  • Creating delicious memories together.

Picnic Quotes for Instagram

Picnic quotes for Instagram
  • “Nothing better than a picnic.” — Zooey Deschanel
  • “If ants are such busy workers, how come they find time to go to all the picnics?” — Marie Dressler
  • “There are few things so pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect comfort.” — W. Somerset Maugham
  • “Picnics enable you to be outside, eat fun finger food, and enjoy the greatest of pastimes: People-watching.” — Gregg Wallace
  • “Among the delights of summer were picnics to the woods.” — George Brandes
  • “I’m not opposed to a fancy meal, but I’ll take a picnic any day…food and nature? Sign me up.” — Ryan Paevey
  • “A picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable state of mind.” — DeeDee Stovel
  • “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” — Kurt Vonnegut
  • Unless you are at a picnic, life is no picnic – Jane Wagner
  • “The examined life is no picnic.” — Robert Fulghum

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Picnic quotes
  • “Dinner and a movie, forget that. I’d rather have a picnic and a waterfall.” — Amanda Grace
  • “Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors.” — Alice Walker
  • “Among the delights of summer were picnics to the woods.” — George Brandes
  • “I’m really big on day dates. If you go for a stroll, have a picnic or lunch with a glass of wine – it doesn’t get better than that” — Meghan Markle
  • “Life is a picnic on a precipice.” — W.H. Auden
  • Today’s forecast: 100% chance of picnicking.
  • Who invited the seagulls to our picnic?
  • Nature is way cheaper than that stuffy restaurant.
  • Spring picnics: blooming flowers and buzzing bees.
  • I wish I could stay here all day.

Picnic Puns for Instagram

Picnic puns for Instagram
  • I ‘relish’ our picnic days!
  • A picnic with Bae by the bay.
  • Embracing the art of alfresco dining. #Picnic
  • Lounge, laugh, lunch: the picnic trifecta.
  • Slice of pie, piece of sky. That’s a picnic.
  • Say cheese! Then pass the cheese.
  • Nothing better than good food under blue skies.
  • Winter picnics: snow, hot chocolate, and enchanting tranquility.
  • Food tastes better when you’re enjoying it on a picnic blanket.
  • Let’s ‘ketchup’ at our picnic.
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