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10 Reasons Why You Should Get A Dash Cam (Benefits Explained)

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This article contains 10 reasons why you should get a dash cam, and they aren’t all ones that come to mind immediately. Dash cams have become increasingly popular due to their affordability and ease of use. It’s important to know all of the dash cam benefits before making a purchasing decision.

They’re frequently installed by driving instructors, taxi drivers, and other professionals. They are now commonplace on the vehicles of the wider public and in this article, we will discuss why.

A dashboard camera records images and audio. It can store the data locally or be set up so that you can retrieve the data via a mobile phone. With the ability to set one up in as little as 10 minutes, it’s no surprise that people are choosing to protect themselves and their vehicles from a variety of unexpected situations.

We will discuss a variety of reasons why you should get a dash cam and provide a few suggested options. After reading this article you will be able to decide if you need a dash cam and whether you think they are worth it.

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Dash cams now have a variety of advanced features

Dash cams are now able to do much more than just record video and audio. Many now have built-in Wifi to allow connection with a mobile device for data transfer and app syncing. In addition to this, GPS and what3words integration can allow for position pinpointing in the event of an accident and the request for emergency services. When you combine this with voice control and Alexa integration, you have a powerful device.

Other driver assistance features include speed camera alerts, lane departure warnings, and collision avoidance. Compact design, parking mode, and easy installation are three additional features that many models also have.

With some models now recording in stunning 4k, there really are many reasons you should get a dash cam.

There are a variety of affordable options

There are now a wide variety of options to choose from, which can be a little daunting. The reason for the large choice is due to the difference in features that the different models have. If you are just looking for an affordable dashcam to record video and audio then this one is ideal.

An option with many of the advanced features discussed above would be the Garmin Dash Cam 47. This is one of the most awesome cams money can buy!

For the full breakdown of options check out our article on the Best Dash Cams you can find online.

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Lower insurance premiums from some providers

Installing a dash cam is one of our top cheap car insurance tips as you will find that some providers actually offer reduced premiums for customers with one fitted. You may find that the reduction in premiums actually covers the cost of the dash cam!

Watch footage from your scenic drive

A dash cam is a perfect way to record footage of a scenic drive or an adventurous road trip in the great outdoors. There are some great examples on YouTube of people recording themselves driving across iconic landscapes. Save these videos to revisit those places again at a later date.

Challenge a speeding ticket or traffic violation

A dash cam can provide vital evidence following an accusation of speeding or a traffic violation. If there is a situation where it is claimed you have done something then you can use the footage to hopefully prove your innocence.

Capture unexpected moments

The internet is full of crazy dash cam footage. You can not only capture incidents involving yourself or your own vehicle but also those involving others. You might capture important evidence for something that happens not to mention an unexpected interesting moment.

Protect yourself in the event of an accident

Whenever you have an accident on the road then footage will be extremely important. In the event of a dispute about what the cause of the accident was, a dash cam can provide vital evidence. This can speed up the process of any claims that need to be made with insurance companies.

Protect yourself from insurance fraud

Unfortunately, insurance fraud is now commonplace. One such problem is called “crash for cash” in which people will intentionally cause an accident in order to claim on the insurance of their victims for injury and other costs. It’s known that criminals can pull in front of vehicles and purposefully brake hard to cause an incident. A dashcam can provide evidence as to what really happened.

Take advantage of additional safety features whilst driving

Dash cams are now able to use advanced technology to help reduce the chance of an accident whilst driving. Lane departure and collision warnings are just two of the features that modern variants have. Speed awareness is also important and some models have an alert system for nearby speed cameras.

We have a variety of other Road Safety Tips on this website if you would like to revisit this topic.

Monitor your car when you are elsewhere

Dash cams can be left switched on even when you are not in your vehicle. This allows for monitoring if your car is parked in an unsafe area. Dash cams can now be purchased with motion-sensing technology, meaning it begins recording when movement is detected. This can be very useful in the event of a thief entering the car or someone hitting your vehicle whilst parking. It’s possible to receive a notification on your mobile phone in the event of this happening so you can act immediately.

Use the footage to report undisciplined drivers

If people are driving badly whilst you are on the road this can be very frustrating. Without video evidence, it’s difficult to report these people. Should you want to report someone for dangerous driving then a dash cam can allow you to do this with a clear record of what happened.

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