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35 Camping Road Trip Essentials For Your Packing List [2022]

Jack, author at The Road Trip Expert, skiing in Canada

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Camping on road trips is incredible. But with all the extra gear you need, packing can seem like a daunting task!

I’ve created the complete camping road trip essentials list so you can be certain you have all the gear you need before setting off on your adventure.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be too complicated.

As someone who has spent a lot of time camping and road-tripping in Canada, I know a thing or two.

This guide has full details of all the camping road trip packing list items needed to make your trip a special one. There is sleeping gear, kitchen equipment and of course, camping clothes!

Use this article as a camping road trip checklist on the day of departure so that you don’t forget anything!

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Camping Road Trip Checklist

Use this road trip camping packing list on departure day to ensure nothing is forgotten:

  1. License, Registration, and Proof of Insurance
  2. Car Trunk Organizer
  3. Smartphone Mount
  4. In Car Charger
  5. Roadside Emergency Kit
  6. Car Sunshades
  7. Tent
  8. Airbed/Sleeping Mat
  9. Inflatable Pillow
  10. Sleeping Bag
  11. Eye Mask
  12. Camping Table & Chairs
  13. Cooking Stove
  14. Cooking Utensils
  15. Pots & Pans
  16. Cutlery, Plates & Cups
  17. Cooler
  18. Food Supplies
  19. Travel Mug & Water Bottles
  20. Power Bank
  21. Camping Lamp/Head Torch
  22. Toiletries Bag
  23. Travel Towel
  24. Hats, Gloves & Scarves
  25. Warm Jackets & Coats
  26. Thick Socks & Underwear
  27. Sunglasses
  28. Bug Spray
  29. Sun Protection
  30. Hand Sanitizer
  31. Garbage Bags
  32. Travel Games & Entertainment
  33. Portable Speaker
  34. First Aid Kit
  35. Day Pack

Camping Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Camping Essentials

So, you’re taking a road trip and planning to camp. Not only do you have to pack all the regular road trip essentials, but you need to think about camping-specific items too. 

To make the process easier, I have created 4 basic steps for using this guide.

3 Simple Steps

  • Refer to our Complete Road Trip Packing List.
  • Read through this Road Trip Camping Packing List which tells you exactly what to pack, specifically for a road trip with camping (on top of the core essentials list).
  • Pack everything using this article as your camping checklist

You may need to return to this guide again to make sure you have all your camping road trip essentials.

For this reason, I suggest bookmarking it so you can refer back at any time.

Camping Road Trip Car Essentials

Here are some must-have items for your car when heading out on a camping road trip.

  • Car Documentation

Don’t forget to pack your license, registration, and proof of insurance!

  • Car Trunk Organizer

Having some organization in the car when heading out is essential for peace of mind and ease of access to everything when you arrive at your destination.

This car trunk organizer comes with an insulated cooler bag so you can store all your camping gear and food in one place.

Car Trunk Organizer with Insulated Cooler Bag

  • Smartphone Mount

A decent smartphone mount won’t set you back much but it allows you to see Google maps clearly if you’re using it for navigation. This one also comes with wireless charging so you don’t have to mess around with charging cables.

Smartphone Mount with Wireless Charging

If you want to keep the cost down you can also go ahead and purchase a budget smartphone mount and then pick up an Anker Car Charger to use for charging your mobile devices.

  • Roadside Emergency Kit

A must-have in case of a breakdown. This roadside kit contains all the essentials such as jump leads, a warning triangle, and tools.

Roadside Emergency Kit on Amazon

  • Car Sunshades

If you’re camping in summer, then it’s nice to keep the car cool for when you return to start your journey. You can get a windshield sunshade as well as covers for the side windows.

Enovoe Windshield Sunshade

The ones below are just for covering the side windows.

Car Sunshades for Side and Rear Windows

Camping Sleeping Gear

Camping Gear Checklist

These are the main things to remember for your camping gear:

  • Tent

Pop-up tents are the best as they are so quick and easy to put up and take down. However, if you need more of a canvas palace as you have a larger group, go for a more traditional style.

Practice setting up your tent before you go so you can quickly set it up properly in any situation. You don’t want to figure this out at night in a storm!

  • Airbed/Sleeping Mat

Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable! A good airbed will make a world of difference to a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Inflatable pillow

Again – don’t sacrifice comfort and your trip will be much more enjoyable. Fortunately, sleeping bags like the following have them included.

  • Warm sleeping bag

Check the rating of your sleeping bag. They tend to have a ‘comfort’ temperature range and an extreme temperature limit. For the best night’s sleep, make sure your sleeping bag’s comfort range matches the nightly temperatures for your destination.

  • Eye mask

It can be light early when sleeping in a tent. An eye mask can ensure you get a good night’s sleep even if the sun comes up very early in the morning.

Camping Kitchen Gear List

Camping Gear List
Camping Camping G

These are the main things to remember for your kitchen gear:

  • Portable set of cooking gear

I prefer to have a set that packs away nice and easy and has everything I need in one place. That way it takes up less space and ensures you don’t forget anything. A set typically contains: 1 pot, 1 frying pan, 1 kettle, 4 plastic bowls, 4 cutlery sets, 1 spatula, 1 cleaning towel, 1 net bag for storage

  • Coffee Percolator

One of my favorite things on this packing list. If you enjoy a coffee in the morning as much as I do, you’ll appreciate this being here. Gas cooker + Coffee Percolator = road trip coffee made easy

  • Cooler Box
  • Gas Camp Stove
  • Spare Gas Bottles
  • Steripen or Sterilizing Drops

These allow you to drink water from natural resources without worrying about sanitation

  • Tin Opener
  • Chopping Board
  • Sharp Knife
  • Corkscrew
  • Bottle Opener
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Large Water Container

Water containers are great for storing drinking water and to save you from having to keep buying plastic bottles of water. It is a much more eco-friendly way to travel. You might also appreciate them in the case of an emergency.

  • Travel Mug

For your coffee from that coffee percolator!

  • Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable options are always the best options – they help save the planet and they are actually more cost-effective in the long run. Surely you want to save money on your road trip?

  • Dishwashing Kit

Include collapsible washing-up bucket, biodegradable dish soap, small sponge, quick-drying dishtowels.

  • Tupperware Boxes 

For packing up meals and snacks.

  • Garbage bags

Camping Food List

In terms of a food packing list, your road trip needs a separate one. Check out these helpful articles: 

Best road trip food ideas

Top Tip:

Dehydrated meals can be an excellent camping option. They’re easy to prepare and don’t take up much space. 

Camping Necessities

Camping Road Trip Packing List

This section has a variety of items which you can use to make the campsite more comfortable and to set you up for an excellent evening.

  • Swiss Army Knife

Grab yourself a swiss army knife for those random tasks around the campsite!

  • Fold-out Chairs

Some lightweight, portable camping chairs are an excellent way to stay comfortable around a fire!

  • Fold-out Table

A small and easy-to-carry camping table is essential gear for any road trip participant. Put your beers or morning coffee on it whilst you enjoy the views!

  • Hammock

What better way to spend an afternoon than chilling in a camping hammock and reading a great book?

  • A Tarp

For your camping kitchen area or to install as extra rain protection for your tent. A budget tarp is an essential piece of gear!

  • Quick-dry Microfiber Towel

A decent Microfiber Towel is very useful and should be included in any road trip camping packing list! They are very portable and dry quickly.

  • Flashlight

You can go with a flashlight or headtorch, but some lighting for nighttime is essential. I personally prefer to take a simple flashlight with me when I go camping.

  • Head Torch

Alternatively, you can pack a decent Budget Head Torch and use this for finding your way around when darkness sets in.

Try putting up a tent at night without one.. makes for an interesting evening!

  • Hanging led lamp

A hanging lamp is useful if you aren’t getting enough light from your campfire. It can also be used inside your tent when you’re getting ready for bed.

  • Fire starting equipment

Hatchet, firewood, fire starters, matches – be sure to research whether fires are ok where you’re traveling, and remember to stay safe when making a fire!


  • Gas fire pit

A great alternative to building your own fire which can come with complications and only requires a…

  • Gas Bottle
How to safely build a fire
  • Nylon Rope

Here is some simple Nylon Rope that may come in handy.

To create a camp laundry line.

Camping Clothes

Hiking gear in a road trip packing list

There is a full packing list of clothes for your road trip in our Complete Road Trip Packing List. However, you may want to substitute/ certain items for those below depending on the season and your destination.

When packing clothes for camping, there are 2 principles I like to follow:

  1. Prepare for all weather types
  2. Layering is key

Layering is key

Not only does layering keep you warm, but it also helps to regulate your temperature. It also keeps your body protected from wind and moisture. Both of these are important in Winter conditions.

A guide on layering whilst camping

The Camping Clothing Packing List

This part of the packing list is totally customizable.

Bottom line?

The key is to adjust your clothes packing list depending on what you plan to do.

General Clothing Items For Camping

Flip Flops | Waterproof Boots/Shoes | Baselayer thermals | Midlayer Jacket (down or synthetic) | Waterproof Jacket (Shell) | Waterproof Pants (Shell) | Beanie | Thick Socks | Fleece/Warm Hoody

Hiking Gear

Hiking Boots | Baselayers | Midlayer Jacket (down or synthetic) | Waterproof Jacket (Shell) | Waterproof Pants (Shell) | Lightweight Waterproof Gloves | Beanie | Hiking Socks |Backpack

Camping-Specific Healthcare

A full list of road trip healthcare essentials can be found in our complete road trip packing list, but when camping be sure to include the following:

Baby wipes serve as a shower when in a pinch and they’re perfect for toilet roll (or lack thereof) emergencies.

Packing For Your Camping Road Trip

Congrats! You’re at the packing stage.

It’s now time to load up the bags and pack the car with all those camping essentials.

Use this article as your extensive packing list and get everything ready to go.

Camping Checklist (Leaving Day)

Camping Checklist

This simple pdf checklist will make sure you haven’t missed anything vital and put your mind at ease.

For a printable version of our ‘Leaving Day’ checklist click here.

Now it’s your turn.

Was this road trip camping packing list helpful?

Is there anything else you would recommend that you really like to take camping?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

A final word…

These packing lists took a LONG time to compile and create. If you find them useful and you want to support the site, you can use the links included to purchase anything you might need. Not only is this a convenient way to get your road trip shopping done, but we might earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

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Jack, author at The Road Trip Expert, skiing in Canada

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