Road Trip Bingo

Free Printable Road Trip Bingo Cards For Kids (Fun For Hours!)

When setting out on a road trip or a long drive with the family, preventing boredom is a priority! This printable road trip bingo game for kids is free and fun!

As a children’s yoga instructor in a past life, I still absolutely love making crafts for kids! I have made the bingo game and attached it to this article, ready for you to easily download and print for the road!

Road Trip Bingo gives the kids a reason to look out of the window. The game encourages children to take in the beautiful scenery, rather than being engrossed in technology for the whole journey! Print the activity, pack a pen and something to lean on, and you’re set!

Below, I will explain how to use these printable road trip bingo cards and why kids love to play! I’ll also include other suggestions for family fun on the road! Let’s get into it!

Road Trip Bingo Game
Road Trip Bingo Game

How To Play Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo Infographic

To play road trip bingo, print off all of the free bingo sheets (each player will have a different bingo card) and take a pen each. Make sure the kids have something to lean on in the car; a book will do!

Next, ask the children to look out of the window and find the items on their bingo cards. When they see it, simply cross it off with a pen.

The first one to cross out a whole line (across, down or diagonal) wins the first round. Next, the aim is to fill the whole bingo card, so have a prize for the overall winner too!

Of course, taking part deserves a prize so pack prizes all round for all players!

Click Here To Download Your Free Road Trip Bingo Cards:

How To Play Road Trip Bingo

  1. Print the bingo cards from this page (each one is different, so each player has a different card)
  2. Pack a pen for each player, and something to lean on
  3. Ask the children to find the things on their bingo card out of the window
  4. The first one to mark a line (down, across, or diagonal) wins t
  5. he first round
  6. The overall winner is the first person to fill up the bingo card completely
  7. Pack prizes for all players so all children are rewarded for taking part

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Free Printable Road Trip Bingo Cards

Printable Road Trip Bingo Card
Example Printable Road Trip Bingo Card

Each of our printable road trip bingo cards has the same images on it, but they are arranged in different patterns. This activity is great family fun on a long road trip and will keep the children entertained, and absorbing the scenery on the drive.

If your children are really young, and you feel the activity would be too challenging for them. You can make the whole game just about marking off a line on the bingo sheet, instead of the whole bingo card.

All you need to do is click the link (below) to the Printable Bingo Road Trip Activity and a PDF will open. Print the PDF (not the whole of this webpage), and there you have it! Hours of entertainment for the family on your long car ride!

Click Here To Download Your Free Road Trip Bingo Cards:

Why Kids Love Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo Card Example

Kids love road trip bingo because it is fun, challenging, and relieves boredom on a long car journey! This printable activity is so simple to understand, therefore easy for children of all ages to follow!

So long as they can see out of the car window, they have just as equal chance as one another. This makes the game fair, enjoyable, and a really lovely activity for them to do on the way to the destination.

If you keep the game in a plastic wallet and mark the wallet instead of the paper, they can re-use it many times. All you need to do is buy some wipeable whiteboard markers.

Other Games To Play With Kids On The Road

Car-Make Hunt Game for Children
Car-Make Hunt Game for Children

There are plenty of other games to play with kids in the car. Here on Road Trip Expert, we have you covered. Very similar to bingo, but for older kids, is Road Trip Scavenger Hunt.

In addition, we have a selection of other Printable Road Trip Games For Kids. These include plenty of free printable exciting activities that will have your children entertained for long car rides!!

These include:

  • Road Trip Word Search
  • Road trip conversation starters for kids
  • Road Sign Bingo
  • Car Make Hunt
  • Fast Food Chain Hunt
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Random Road Trip I-Spy

When you are Planning Your Road Trip, packing children’s activities is something you won’t regret! Any other suggestions you have, please let us know as we love to hear them!

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