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12 Marvellous Road Trip Games for Couples (Fun In The Car)

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So you’re heading out onto the open highway for a couple’s road trip with your significant other? Check out this list of the best road trip games for couples to keep themselves entertained on their journey. This quick-fire, fun list will keep you entertained for hours.

Whether it’s a short adventure into the countryside or a cross-country mega trip, this article has got you covered with these 12 fun car games for couples.

In this article, you’ll find out how to play each game as well as some extra suggestions for entertaining activities (such as our awesome road trip questions for couples). These are some of the best games to play in the car for couples.

We’ve outlined the best car ride games for couples, but feel free to browse our other articles to pass the time whilst you get from A to B. Let us know your favorite one of these road trip games in the comments!

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Best Car Games For Couples Getting To Know Eachother

car games for couples
Car Games For Couples

Here are a variety of couples’ car games to test your knowledge about each other and your relationship! There are a few simple games as well as links to other parts of this site.

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is fun and simple to play. Simply say three statements – two truths and one lie. The second person must then guess which statement the lie is. This is one of our favorite but simple road trip activities for couples.

Couples Spin: Make all the statements related to your relationship or about people you both know.

Road Trip Questions for Couples

A good set of questions can keep a road trip interesting. We’ve put together an entire article on Road Trip Questions for Couples. If you feel like getting your conversation juices going, take a look. This is one of the best sexy car games for couples you can play!

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What would you say is your favorite memory of dating me?
  • Which part of the world would you most like to visit together and what experience would we have there?
  • Which of our dates did you enjoy the most?
  • If you had a time machine what part of history would you most like to go back to visit?
  • What is the most bizarre food you have ever tasted and where was it?
  • Are you more of a dog or a cat person?
  • What was the last topic that you got really obsessed with?
  • What is your favorite memory of our relationship so far?
  • What are the most attractive traits you look for in a partner?
  • Describe another career choice that you think you would love to do?
  • What non-sex activity that we do together is your favorite?
  • How will you fill your days during retirement?
  • Will you share which sexual position is your favorite?
  • What was the last dream you had about me?
  • How would you spend a million dollars?

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Would You Rather Questions For Couples

A conversation game where you are posed with a difficult dilemma-style question which always begins in the form “Would you rather….”. You can think up your own interesting questions, but here are a few Would You Rather Questions for Couples to get you started!

  • Would you rather get a text from me when you wake up or just before you go to sleep?
  • Would you rather never be able to eat fruit again or never be able to eat meat?
  • Would you rather stay in for Netflix or go out on a dinner date?
  • Would you rather broadcast all our arguments live on Facebook, or never be able to use the internet again?
  • Would you rather do a slow romantic dance or jump around in a midnight rave?
  • Would you rather be looked after all day by a jealous partner or split everything 50/50 with a trusting partner?
  • Would you rather receive a love letter or a sexy text message?
  • Would you rather lose the use of your legs or lose your hearing?
  • Would you rather not use a toothbrush for a month or not wash for a month?
  • Would you rather meet my siblings first or my best friends?

Couples Spin: Make the questions about your relationship. These are perfect for when you are on a couples road trip.

Guess That Song

This game involves playing the first 10 seconds of a song and seeing how long it takes for your partner to guess the track.  If you want to play it together you can make a big playlist and use the shuffle function to select random tracks and see who can guess it the fastest.

I use Spotify for this, as there are loads of pre-made playlists. See who has the best music knowledge! We have created a number of playlists you can use in our Best Road Trip Songs article.

Stay Entertained With An Audiobook Or Podcast

Audible Free Trial

Enjoying an audiobook or podcast together can provide a topic to talk about and connect over. Whether it is a story, autobiography, or podcast, it can help to ignite conversation during the car ride!

If you are looking for something different you could consider downloading a few podcasts or an audiobook ahead of a long drive as a couple. Audible offers a free trial!

Audible Plus Free Trial

Best Word-Based Road Trip Games For Couples

These car ride games for couples are all based on the use of words. So let’s see who has the best use of language out of the two of you!

The Categories Game

This game involves selecting a category and taking turns to name something from that category until one of you fails to do so!

How to Play:

  1. Think of a category such as “fruit and veg” or “movies from the 90’s”
  2. Take turns to say an item that fits the category.
  3. An example of fruit and veg would be “apple”, “orange”, “broccoli” etc.
  4. The first person that cannot give a correct answer is out.
  5. Put a time limit of 10 seconds on each turn to make it interesting.

Couples Spin: Make all the categories related to your relationship. For example, “movies we have watched together” or “cities we have been to together”.

This is one of my favorite word games to play in the car, enjoy!

The Movie Game

This is a fun and fast-moving word game.

How to Play:

  1. Player 1 says the name of a well-known movie.
  2. Player 2 then needs to think of an actor/actress that starred in that movie.
  3. Player 1 then needs to think of another movie that the actor/actress also featured in.
  4. The game continues until someone messes up!

The Singing Game

How to Play:

  1. Sing a line from a song in tune (As best as you can!!)
  2. The next person (or work together) needs to then sing a line from a new song in which the last word used in the previous song is the start of that line.
  3. E.G “Ohhh I wanna dance with somebody, I…” followed by “…need your love, I need your time…) and so on.
  4. You can work together and see how many songs you can string together.

Fortunately, Unfortunately

First played at the national puzzler’s league in the late 1980s, this fun word game is easy and a great way to use up some time on the road.

How to Play:

  1. Begin with a sentence (E.G. One morning big Fred walked into town)
  2. Your partner then explains something unfortunate that happens (E.G Unfortunately Fred was hit by a truck on the road)
  3. You then explain something fortunate that happens…. And so on (E.G Fortunately the truck was made of sponge)
  4. The game does not have an endpoint and can continue for as long as you like.

Couples Spin: Make the sentence to do with yourselves of your relationship.

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Best Trivia Road Trip Games For Couples

OK, you’re looking for fun things for couples to do on a road trip. First stop… trivia! Here’s the rundown of our favorite games and activities. Leave a comment telling us which of these road trip games for couples is the best.

Trivia Crack 2 – Quiz App

A quiz is a great way to pass the time. Available on the app store, test the knowledge of your partner in one of 6 different categories. You can play this game easily by downloading it from the app store.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? App Game

This is one of my favorites. It’s great with two people because the passenger can play the question master and the driver can answer the questions. 

Download the app to get started.

Fun Road Trip Games For Couples

Here are three more couples’ car games to keep you busy during your journey. They are all simple games that can be played without any equipment or prior knowledge. Have fun!

20 Questions – Relationship-Themed

Everyone knows the game 20 Questions, right? This road trip game for couples will be sure to take up a good chunk of time on the road!

How to Play:

  1. The first person thinks of a person, place, or item
  2. The second person has 20 yes-or-no-style questions to figure out what that thing is.
  3. The person answering the questions must always tell the truth with a yes or no answer.

Couples Spin: Instead of picking a famous actor or city, choose an answer that is related to your relationship. An example might be choosing the first place you met or a mutual friend.

Stripping Game

How to Play:

  1. Pick a car make and color to use for the game before the road trip starts.
  2. You must try to spot this car as often as possible during your time on the road.
  3. Each time one of you spots the car the other must remove an item of clothing

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couples road trip activities

Who Are They?

When you see a car with another couple driving the other way, ask yourself… who are they? Make up a spicy story about their background and how they met, what are their lives together like?

If you are on an adventure with your significant other, you could check out our article on the best road trip tips for couples!

Other Activities For Couples On A Road Trip

Here are some other ideas for activities that couples can do on a road trip. Being in the car for long periods of time can drag, so use these ideas!

Make A Packed Lunch And Stop For A Picnic

Food brings everyone together. Not only is creating a picnic a great way to save money but it also gives you an excuse to find a nice place to stop along your route.

Ditch the gas stations and download the Road Trippers app to find a fun place to stop along the way and pair it with some awesome homemade road trip food.

Take A Detour For A Walk

If you are a passenger and have access to a smartphone, why not look for a nice detour en route to go for a walk?

Taking regular breaks and exercising helps to prevent the monotony of endless motorway driving. Instead of stopping at the services, why not go off-route to a park and take a walk?

I use the Road Tripper’s App for this, but you can also use Google Trips or Google Maps to look for places on the way. If you see a nice spot, then stop and take some photos to remember the landscapes you saw along the journey.

Download A Road Trip Games App

We’ve put together an article on the best road trip game apps for mobile in 2019. Check it out and give your road trip entertainment a technological twist.

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