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100 Amazing Amsterdam Captions for Instagram

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This is the ultimate collection of the best Amsterdam captions for Instagram posts. If you’ve taken some incredible photos then use this list of Amsterdam quotes for Instagram to perfectly describe the moment!

This stunning city is visited and loved by millions each year, so hopefully, you’ve had an enjoyable trip! Known for its quaint architecture, incredible canal system, and awesome cafes, there is so much to do in this city.

Browse this selection of hilarious Amsterdam puns and choose your favorite from the list. It’s time to make memories that last a lifetime.

Amsterdam Captions for Instagram

Amsterdam Captions for Instagram
  • Happiness comes in canals.
  • From Amsterdam with love.
  • Bike, bike, baby!
  • What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam.
  • In Amsterdam, everyone’s a bit of a cycle-path.
  • You call it a city of sin, I call it a city of freedom.
  • My favorite city to pedal around in.
  • Doing this sweet thing called visiting Amsterdam.
  • Dutch of a dutchness.
  • Never met a canal I didn’t like.

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Amsterdam Captions
  • Bikers gonna bike.
  • Amsterdam, a city of sin and canals.
  • I’m in a good place right now. Not emotionally, I’m just in Amsterdam.
  • I bike, therefore I Am-sterdam.
  • Do you think our tu-lips should kiss? Methinks yes.
  • Amsterdam definitely met our high expectations.
  • Testing out my Dutch courage.
  • Biking is my cardio.
  • I left my heart in Amsterdam.
  • Meet me in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Instagram Captions
  • All you need is love and stroopwafel.
  • Peace by the gram in Amsterdam.
  • Doing it for the Amster-gram!
  • Happiness is not a state of mind, but a trip to Amsterdam.
  • You canal think what you want, but I’m never coming home!
  • Dutch of a dutchness.
  • Amsterdam, all I weed is you!
  • Amsterdam, I love you so Dutch.
  • If lost, return to Amsterdam.
  • Do you like windmills? ‘Cos the dutch are big fans!

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Amsterdam Caption
  • Meet me by the canal.
  • ‘Dam good vibes.
  • Dutch you just love Amsterdam?
  • Daydreaming in Amsterdam.
  • Made in Amsterdam.
  • Going to Amsterdam should be a joint decision.
  • I can’t keep calm, I’m going to Amsterdam!
  • I didn’t strut through Amsterdam. I stroop-waffled along.
  • Whatever you need, you’ll find it in Amsterdam.
  • Some places just feel like home. Amsterdam is one of them.

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Amsterdam Insta Captions
  • You had me at goedemorgen.
  • Where canals are the roads and bikes are the cars.
  • Summer in Amsterdam:  Stay high-drated.
  • There’s no place like Amsterdam.
  • Hands up if you’ve fallen in love with Amsterdam.
  • AMS = absolutely magical streets.
  • It’s an Amsterdam thing, you wouldn’t understand.
  • Amsterdam, I’m yours!
  • Take me back to Amsterdam.
  • High on life.

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Amsterdam Quotes for Instagram

Amsterdam Quotes for Instagram
  • “In Europe, I always have fun bike riding in Amsterdam.” – Ezra Koenig
  • “The many cultures in Amsterdam contribute to the city’s high level of craziness – something which every interesting city should offer.” – Charles Landry
  • “But words are water in Amsterdam, they flood your ears and set the rot, and the church’s east corner is crowded.” – Jessie Burton
  • “My experience in Amsterdam is that cyclists ride where the hell they like and aim in a state of rage at all pedestrians while ringing their bell loudly, the concept of avoiding people being foreign to them.” – Terry Pratchett
  • Stand outside De Eland on the Berenstraat Bridge over the Prinsengracht and you see what real Amsterdam life is like.” – David Hewson
  • “I’m just a girl from Amsterdam.” – Eva Simons
  • “You could spend your time with your nose buried in a guidebook, but Amsterdam really is best explored on foot, so you can stumble upon the city’s hidden gems. The architecture and the beauty of some of the buildings is also wonderful.” – Gregory Porter
  • “What’s special about Amsterdam is that the city is able to connect worlds that are not otherwise connected.” – Marcel Wanders
  • “Amsterdam lives and breathes creativity. One moment you walk into a building from the 17th century and the next you find yourself in a hub of creative start-up companies.” – Marcel Wanders

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Amsterdam Quotes
  •  “I love Amsterdam. The city is vibrant and alive. It’s fresh and so open. It’s definitely one of my favorite places.” – Stefon Harris
  • “Amsterdam has more than 150 canals and 1,250 bridges, but it never seems crowded, nor bent and bitter from fleecing the tourist.” – Julie Burchill
  • “Amsterdam was a great surprise to me. I had always thought of Venice as the city of canals; it had never entered my mind that I should find similar conditions in a Dutch town.” – James Weldon Johnson
  • “I get inspired by certain places. You have to write in places like Amsterdam or Paris or New Zealand, when you’re standing on a yacht, looking out at the middle of the ocean.” – Action Bronson
  • “I was told David Letterman and Kaufman had heart attacks on the same day. David Letterman’s heart attack was at a hospital in NYC. Kaufman’s heart attack was in the red light district in Amsterdam. I think Kaufman had more fun.” – Howard Stern
  • “Location: Amsterdam, Where Fire Is Called “Vlam” – Kristin Cashore
  • “Amsterdam. It is so cute and quaint. I rode bicycles around the city and through the tiny little streets, rented a paddleboat, and had a picnic lunch on the canals.” – Bridget Marquardt
  • “I am a village boy, and Amsterdam for me was always the big town.” – Anton Corbijn
  • “I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day” – Van Gogh
  • “Tulips were a tray of jewels.” – E.M.Forster

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Amsterdam Instagram Quotes
  • “Here people cycle with a reckless swagger, talking on the phone and eating breakfast.” – David Nicholls
  • “Jan-Peter offered to teach me the language of Amsterdam’s Red Light District… but after his first phrase ‘Using the back door will cost you double’ I withdrew my request.” – Cristina Garcia
  • “In Amsterdam, the river and canals have been central to city life for the last four centuries.” – Janet Echelman
  • “I think Amsterdam is to Holland what New York is to America. It’s a metropolis, so it’s representative of Holland, but only a part of it – you know, it’s more extreme, there’s more happening, it’s more liberal and more daring than the countryside in Holland is.” – Anton Corbijn
  • “Amsterdam was a great surprise to me. I had always thought of Venice as the city of canals; it had never entered my mind that I should find similar conditions in a Dutch town.” – James Weldon Johnson
  • “What’s special about Amsterdam is that the city is able to connect worlds that are not otherwise connected.” – Marcel Wanders
  • “In Amsterdam, the water is the mistress and the land the vassal.” – Félix Martí Ibáñez
  • Amsterdam is calling and I must go.
  • Once upon a time in Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam is always a good idea.

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Quotes About Amsterdam
  • “Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth, it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.” – John Green
  • Thank you, Amsterdam, for making me feel so alive.
  • Amstel in love with Amsterdam.
  • Dear Amsterdam, I think about you all the time.
  • I’d rather be in Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam – The city that always feels like home.
  • Enjoying life one stroopwafel at a time.
  • I always knew weed make it to Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam is always a good idea.
  • Either you love Amsterdam or you are wrong.

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Amsterdam Puns

Amsterdam Puns
  • I could get used to this canal life.
  • Well, I’ll be ‘Dam-ed.
  • What did the police get in Amsterdam? A massage in a brothel.
  • Canal you feel the love in Amsterdam?
  • On the search for the best stroopwafel in Amsterdam.
  • Another one for the Amster-gram!
  • Rollin’ in Amsterdam.
  • Too Dutch of a good thing.
  • Amsterdamage.
  •  Amsterspamming your feed with photos from my trip.

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